The American university movement continues despite the arrests and reaches Canada

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While the movement spread to Canada, where a sit-in was staged inside a Montreal institution for the first time, student protests against the Israeli war on Gaza persisted in the United States despite the police detaining over 600 students since the sit-ins began.

Columbia University students, who ignited the protests, are still sitting in solidarity with the Palestinian people and calling for a stop to the genocide in Gaza.

The demonstrators are calling for a boycott of Israel in the academic and business spheres, according to Al Jazeera correspondent Bisan Abu Kwaik.

Seven other universities from Washington, Virginia, and Maryland joined the open student sit-in at George Washington University in the nation's capital, demonstrating the wide range of involvement in the event.

On Saturday, the third day of the sit-in, the participants reiterated their demands, mainly the boycott of academic institutions and the removal of investments from businesses that back Israel, according to Al Jazeera journalist Fadi Mansour.

However, police campaigns against the students who were protesting persisted, resulting in the detention of almost 600 students since the demonstrations began.

While breaking up a student sit-in at Northeastern University in Boston, riot police detained over 100 protestors.

Although the institution acknowledged that the police made these arrests, it stated on the X platform that "those who refused were arrested, while the students who presented their university cards were released."

At the demonstrations, the institution reported, there were "violent anti-Semitic insults."

According to the university administration, 69 people were detained by security personnel at Arizona State University on the grounds that they were "establishing an unlicensed camp."

The management of the institution also stated that individuals who were detained would face accusations of "trespassing on others' property," pointing out that the majority of them are neither workers nor students there.

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