Fears of suppression of pro Palestinian voices in Europe

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Given how strongly people feel about Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip, multiple groups disclosed... The government informed Agence France-Presse of its concerns over the "suppression" of voices endorsing the Palestinian cause across Europe, threatening to cancel events and punish activists and intellectuals.

Amnesty International researcher Julia Hall declared: "Hate speech laws and counterterrorism measures are being used to target pro-Palestinian speakers.

She emphasized that there had been "a torrent of cancellations and targeting of academics, peaceful demonstrators, and everyone" in Europe. In essence, he either supports Palestinian human rights or attacks the State of Israel. ‬

34,356 Palestinians were killed as a result of Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip, the most of them were women and children.

Pro-Palestinian voices are frequently accused in this heated environment of being overly anti-Zionist, indulgent with Hamas, or even anti-Semitic.

These accusations are strengthened by errors made during pro-Palestinian protests and the ambiguity that has long pervaded the radical left's viewpoint, which characterized Hamas attacks as "resistance."

The issue is very much alive and well in the United States, where, in the middle of a battle for the House of Representatives, hundreds of students were detained for staging a sit-in to protest US military support for Israel and the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza.

At least 12 nations in the European Union adopted "disproportionate measures, including banning demonstrations." Based on an apparent threat to both public and private security, as per a report published by the European Civic Forum (ECF) in Brussels.

This "suppression of solidarity with the Palestinians" is said to be caused by Europe's "great support" for Israel. Artie Narsi of the European Civic Forum maintains that it is connected to the Holocaust against Jews.

France, which has the biggest Jewish and Muslim populations in Europe, is afraid of what the conflict may bring about. As a result, the government tightened its regulations, outlawing pro-Palestinian protests, calling off conferences, and delivering a subpoena to law enforcement. accused of "praising terrorism" against two extremist left-wing politicians. ‬

German authorities declared in mid-April that the entry of former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was prohibited "to prevent any Anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda." After an hour of its start, the police halted the "Palestinian Conference" events in which he was scheduled to take part.

The conservative president has the French writer Annie Ernault, a Nobel laureate, and the Greek minister in his sights. Wolfgang Zubotka, a member of the Austrian Parliament, has requested that the invitation to the art festival "Vienna Festive Weeks" be withdrawn.

Milo Rau, the artistic director of the festival, declines to cooperate, citing the writer's comments as "anti-Semitic." It is "just as absurd" to regard her criticism of her nation's administration as "anti-French."

According to member attorney Aryeh Halimi of the League of Human Rights, the French government implemented a "judicial administrative system" that targets "people who express support for the Palestinians." However, Halimi predicts that these "supporters of Israel" will not be around for long. From the perspective of the lawyer who wrote the book "Jew, French, From the Left," this is a "unfortunate" circumstance. "The fight against racism and for humanitarian issues must It always remains indivisible," therefore the situation is "in chaos." ‬

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