UAE rain: Heavy rain and thunderstorms during this week

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A weather expert said that as the UAE prepares to face the difficult weather conditions starting on Wednesday, it is not expected that the percentage of rain during this day will be like the rain on April 16.

In the next days, there will likely be hail, lightning, and thunder in addition to moderate to heavy rainfall across a large area. Dr. Ahmed Habib, a weather specialist at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), made this prediction.

We saw hail on Sunday in the Al Shoaib neighborhood, which is located to the north of Al Ain. Additionally, hail is likely to fall in the east, which may potentially reach to some interior and western areas.

He emphasized that May 2-3 is considered to be the "peak" of the scenario, so locals should get ready for unpredictable weather and rain on May 2.

"This will not be like the last time's situation," he continued. This is going to be entirely different. Cloud formation is expected in the UAE, starting in the Al Dhafra region to the south of Abu Dhabi and gradually moving into the interior, including the Al Ain area. However, May 3 will mark the "peak" of the circumstances.

The Met Department's projections indicate that the bad weather is likely to start from the west by Wednesday night, spread over most of the nation on Thursday, and center over the western, coastal, and some eastern regions. It is anticipated that temperatures will drop considerably as well.

"We'll be under the impact of an eastward-moving extension of low pressure throughout the next few days until Wednesday morning. The eastern regions will see higher humidity as a result, which will raise surface temperatures. Convective clouds are likely to form during the day, especially in the East, and they will eventually move towards inland regions like Dubai and Sharjah, according to Habib.

He went on, "Over Friday-Saturday, the low pressure will move gradually towards the south," providing some insight into when the weather might become better. Then, as the cloud cover gradually diminishes, mild to moderate rain will fall overall.

both internal and external variables in charge

Because of regional variables, the influence will also extend eastward from Abu Dhabi. On Wednesday night, though, something different will happen.

Habib noted that an expansion of the Red Sea's surface low pressure, along with muggy southeasterly winds, will have an effect on the nation.

"The conditions will also be affected by a similar low-pressure extension from the north in the upper atmosphere." He went on to say that as a result, clouds will move from Saudi Arabia into the United Arab Emirates, bringing with them unpredictability and commencing "late Wednesday night."

"These clouds will develop into convective formations, bringing with them moderate to heavy precipitation." These clouds will move farther northward toward Dubai and Sharjah on Thursday, he continued. on then, moderate to heavy showers will strike Abu Dhabi.

A climate emergency?

The seasoned weathercaster responded, "The cause of the rainfall on that particular day, whether it was influenced by global warming, is still being investigated and researched," when asked if the nation's record-breaking rainfall on April 16—which caused widespread disruption—was partially influenced by the climate crisis.

Between April 15 and 16, in less than twenty-four hours, the nation experienced the highest amount of precipitation since records began seventy-five years ago.

During this time, the UAE experienced 6.04 billion cubic meters of rainfall, compared to the country's yearly average of about 6.7 billion cubic meters.

In other places, there was more than 100 millimeters of rain in a single day. As a result, the UAE experienced unprecedented floods that damaged homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure. That day, more over 200 mm of rain were recorded at over four sites.

"We are examining 30-35 years' worth of cases to gain insights," Habib continued. To fully understand the underlying causes and the phenomena of global warming leading to such extreme rainfall occurrences, a number of aspects need to be thoroughly examined.

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