Using artificial intelligence to solve urban problems

In addition to the use of other forms of artificial intelligence, the process of developing solutions to problems that are linked with metropolitan areas can perhaps benefit from the use of machine learning. These problems have been brought about by a variety of factors, including population growth, pollution, and traffic congestion.

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Smart cities?

In recent years, the term "smart cities" has spread, with what it works to achieve for its residents from a digital environment that is environmentally friendly and stimulating for learning and creativity, even though the concept of "smart city" is still in the process of development, and for this we have no less than 120 different definitions of a smart city from Experts, it is the city that contributes to providing a sustainable environment that enhances happiness and

Many of us are terrified of using intelligence as a marketing tool, regardless of its creativity or beneficial effect.

Internet-connected toothbrushes and firms with trendy names are examples.

Are AI advancements in cities worldwide popular?

It's reasonable to promote artificial intelligence advancements but dread their misuse in marketing. Smart cities and goods or services may not improve with technology. Their surveillance tools raise legitimate concerns. Smart city projects, assisted by artificial intelligence and machine learning, have improved transportation, security, and public utilities for citizens.

AI-supported smart cities:

The application of these challenges needs to work on multiple axes, economic, social, and organizational, and for this reason, global and Arab interest in the term "smart city" has emerged, in response to the population's need for smart technology. Expectations indicate that the global smart city technologies market will grow to $ 1.7 trillion by 2023, although the concept of a "smart city" is still in development.

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