"UAE Summons Swedish Ambassador Over Quran Desecration"

In a display of disapproval, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) summoned the Swedish ambassador, Liselott Andersson, and handed her a formal protest note concerning the repeated incidents of Quran desecration in Sweden. This marks the second time in a month that Andersson has been called upon by UAE authorities.

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UAE Conveys Strong Disapproval to Swedish Ambassador over Quran Desecration

The controversy stems from a recent incident where Swedish authorities permitted a protest during which an Iraqi resident in Sweden, who identifies as an atheist, threatened to burn a copy of the Quran. While he did not follow through with the act, he did kick and disrespectfully stand on the holy book outside the Iraqi embassy. This comes after a previous incident where an individual burned a Quran outside a Stockholm mosque during the Eid Al Adha holiday, causing outrage in the Islamic world and prompting the UAE's first summons of the Swedish ambassador.

The UAE Condemns Quran Desecration in Sweden and Urges Vigilance Against Hate Speech

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Friday outlining the UAE's opposition to the repeated attacks and abuses on copies of the Holy Quran perpetrated by extremists in Sweden. The ministry expressed strong condemnation for Sweden's decision to allow such protests to occur. It emphasized the need for vigilance against hate speech and expressions of racism that undermine peace and security. The UAE firmly rejected the use of freedom of expression as a justification for such appalling acts.

Arab Nations React to Quran Treatment in Sweden, Raising Concerns Over Religious Sensitivities

The Swedish ambassador's situation is not isolated, as other Arab nations have also taken action in response to the treatment of the Quran in Sweden. Iraq, for instance, expelled Sweden's ambassador in reaction to the incidents. Kuwait's Foreign Minister, Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah, held the Swedish side fully responsible for fostering hatred against Muslims through these actions. Oman's Foreign Minister, Sayyid Badr Al Busaidi, voiced respect for freedom of expression but criticized Sweden for allowing insulting actions that incite hatred, emphasizing the risks posed to peace, harmony, and social cohesion. The situation has sparked widespread concern among Arab nations and is prompting further discussions on safeguarding religious sensitivities and preserving social harmony.

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