UAE Minister announces'climate-friendly'school meals to debut at Cop28

Promoting a Greener Future: UAE's Climate-Friendly School Meals Initiative ,Mariam Al Mheiri, the UAE's Minister for Climate Change and Environment, is spearheading a visionary plan to revolutionize school menus in a climate-friendly manner, with the aim of safeguarding the planet.

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UAE Environment Minister Advocates Climate-Friendly School Meals

After participating in key talks at the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome, she outlined the strategy, which focuses on embracing clean energy, supporting local produce, and tackling food waste. The initiative is set to be launched at the Cop28 climate conference in Dubai later this year. With a firm commitment to making food production and consumption more sustainable, the UAE seeks to foster demand-driven climate actions in agriculture, promoting regenerative farming and biodiversity to combat global hunger.

A Holistic Approach to Climate-Friendly School Meals

At the forefront of the UAE's efforts to create sustainable food systems, the climate-friendly school meals initiative takes a holistic approach to address systemic challenges. Minister Mariam Al Mheiri emphasized the importance of integrating climate education into the curriculum, ensuring children are equipped with knowledge about environmental stewardship from an early age. In line with the wider agenda for Cop28, the UAE aims to build climate resilient farmer organizations, bolster innovative financing to support local entrepreneurs, and prioritize a climate-responsive approach in national adaptation plans. This multifaceted strategy also serves as a catalyst to address issues such as child hunger, gender equity, and sustainable consumption, fostering a future that is equitable, prosperous, and environmentally conscious.

UAE's Strongest Push for Sustainable Food Systems

Mariam Al Mheiri's unveiling of the "food systems and agriculture agenda" for Cop28 marks a momentous step in the nation's commitment to sustainability. This comprehensive plan tackles the food system challenge through four strategic pillars: galvanizing national leadership, involving non-state actors, fostering innovation, and scaling up financial support. The UAE seeks to set a precedent for other nations, urging them to join the leaders' declaration on food systems, agriculture, and climate action. By engaging governments, organizations, and individuals in a collaborative effort, the UAE is driving powerful change to build resilient and sustainable food systems for the future.

Addressing Food Waste with a Waste-Free Schools Campaign

In a remarkable bid to combat food waste and instill environmental consciousness, the UAE established an environmental task force focused on 63 schools across the country. The Waste-Free Schools campaign, led by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, aims to educate students and staff on eco-friendly practices. By equipping the younger generation with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices, the initiative seeks to foster responsible consumption and environmental stewardship. The collaboration between the Ministry, the Emirates Schools Establishment, Tadweer (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company), and Bee’ah Group demonstrates the UAE's commitment to creating a sustainable and waste-conscious society.

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