UAE Collaborates with UN and Interpol to Combat Environmental Crimes

The UAE has taken a proactive step in addressing crimes against the environment by partnering with prominent international organizations like the UN, Interpol, and others. To strengthen the fight against environmental offenses

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UAE Collaborates with Global Entities to Combat Environmental Crimes

five major initiatives will be launched over the next two years, including the establishment of a global training center in Abu Dhabi to support police services. The initiative aims to tackle a range of environmental crimes, such as illegal wildlife trade, illicit mining, trafficking in precious metals and waste, and forest and fisheries crime, which have detrimental effects on public health, the economy, biodiversity, and vulnerable communities.

UAE's I2LEC Joint Effort with UNODC to Combat Environmental Crimes at COP28

Led by the International Initiative of Law Enforcement for Climate (I2LEC), a joint effort of the Ministry of Interior and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the UAE's commitment to addressing environmental crimes aligns well with its upcoming role as the host of Cop28. To raise awareness about I2LEC, several events will be held at the UN climate summit in Dubai from November 30 to December 12. Research papers and global assessment results will be presented at these critical talks, shedding light on the magnitude of environmental challenges and the need for unified global solutions.

UAE Initiatives Train UN Police as 'Climate Incident Observers' to Address Environmental Crimes and Conflicts

A significant aspect of the initiatives is to train UN Police personnel as "climate incident observers" so they can be deployed to areas affected by extreme climate events. This move aims to document and report on major incidents, drawing lessons from these situations. The UAE has pledged to provide the first contingent and aspires to be recognized as a UN-accredited training center. By mainstreaming environmentally responsive policing through partnerships, such as I2LEC, the UN Police force will be better prepared to address climate-related crimes and conflicts amidst rising temperatures, food, and water insecurity.

UAE to Combat Environmental Crimes with Global Training Hub in Abu Dhabi

Environmental crimes, often associated with organized crime syndicates, inflict widespread damage, making it crucial for law enforcement to be well-equipped in combating them. The illegal wildlife trade alone is estimated to be worth around $20 billion annually, and the narcotics trade further compounds environmental issues as crops and forests are destroyed to cultivate drugs. By assessing the gaps and needs of police services globally in relation to climate change, the UAE aims to support law enforcement agencies worldwide through the establishment of the global training hub in Abu Dhabi.

Interpol Executive Director Stresses Importance of Combating Environmental Crime for Climate Security

Steven Kavanagh, Executive Director for police services at Interpol, emphasized the importance of the fight against environmental crime, stating that the scale of climate change requires a robust environmental security strategy. As the world faces extreme weather events attributed to climate change, the need for urgent action becomes apparent. The upcoming initiatives, backed by key global entities, reflect the collective effort to safeguard the planet's environment, ensuring its protection for generations to come.

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