UAE Catholics Inspired by Pope Francis in Lisbon

Pope Francis's powerful call for young Catholics to fearlessly spread love has deeply resonated with worshippers and priests who traveled from the UAE to Portugal to witness his words firsthand.

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UAE Catholics Inspired by Pope Francis' Uplifting Message in Lisbon

Among the 1.5 million attendees at the papal mass on World Youth Day in Lisbon, approximately 300 young Catholics from the Emirates eagerly absorbed the pontiff's encouraging words. Pope Francis urged the young congregation not to be afraid of pursuing their dreams and emphasized the importance of working for justice and peace. His message of empowerment and hope struck a chord with the young hearts present.

Pope Francis Inspires UAE Youth with Messages of Fearlessness and Inclusion

Amanda Laura, a 25-year-old finance associate at an oil and gas firm in Abu Dhabi, expressed how profoundly touched she was by Pope Francis's words. Born in the UAE, she shared her generation's desire for fearlessness and confidence while pursuing their aspirations. His call to be unafraid resonated deeply with young people who often seek emotional and spiritual support in their journey. The Pope's reminder that the love of God is freely available in this world left a lasting impact on her, emphasizing the need to embrace and spread the message of love in their lives , In his address, Pope Francis also emphasized inclusion, affirming that everyone has a place in the church. Bishop Paolo Martinelli, the Apostolic Vicar for Southern Arabia, highlighted how these words of inclusivity resonated with the young attendees. The universality and hope expressed during World Youth Day were described as moments of great significance, empowering young people as they face the future with courage and hope. The event also provided UAE residents with the opportunity to share their experiences and speak proudly about the nation's values of tolerance, peace, and coexistence among people of diverse faiths and beliefs.

UAE Catholics Proudly Embrace Abrahamic Unity and Find Inspiration in World Youth Day

For the Catholic expatriates from the UAE, witnessing the UAE flag proudly carried during the procession alongside other national flags was a moment of immense pride. Keegan Silveira, an advertising executive in Dubai, shared how fellow travelers were intrigued by the concept of the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, which unifies a mosque, church, and synagogue. The visitors expressed surprise and admiration for the freedom to practice their faith in the UAE, acknowledging the safety and security the country offers to people of different beliefs , World Youth Day, initiated by Pope John Paul II in the 1980s to inspire the next generation of Catholics, continues its tradition of empowering young hearts every four years. The event's impact reaches far beyond its host country, and in 2027, Seoul will proudly host the occasion, marking the first time in over three decades that Asia will welcome this inspiring gathering of young Catholics from around the world.

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