UAE Astronaut's Unique Shaving Experience on ISS: Trimmer and Vacuum

Living aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has been a completely unique experience for Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi, who has been in space for four months now.

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Life in Space: A Different Routine for UAE Astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi

Daily routines on the ISS differ greatly from those on Earth, prompting numerous inquiries from UAE citizens and people around the world about life in space.

Shaving in Space: UAE Astronaut Demonstrates Zero-Gravity Grooming on ISS

One question that frequently arises is about grooming, particularly shaving, in the weightless environment of the ISS. AlNeyadi took to social media to demonstrate his space shaving technique, sharing a nearly 6-minute video. Astronauts handle personal grooming themselves or with the assistance of their colleagues, as there are no barbers on board the ISS.

Space-Safe Grooming: UAE Astronaut Uses Vacuum-Equipped Trimmer to Prevent Loose Hairs in ISS

To prevent loose hairs from floating and contaminating the microgravity environment, AlNeyadi uses a trimmer equipped with a suction device. This vacuum ensures that the trimmed hair is contained, as loose hairs could clog filters, impact air circulation, and create safety hazards by irritating the astronauts' eyes or being inhaled.

Insights into Hair Growth in Microgravity: Study Collects Astronauts' Hair Follicles from ISS

Astronauts' hair growth and grooming practices have been subjects of scientific experimentation. In 2016, hair follicles were collected from ten astronauts who had spent approximately six months each on the ISS. The follicles were gathered at various points during their space mission, providing valuable insights into hair growth in microgravity.

Hair Washing in Space: The No-Rinse Technique

Hair washing for astronauts in space follows a different process than on Earth. On the ISS, they utilize a no-rinse shampoo with minimal water, ensuring they promptly capture any floating water droplets. The procedure involves wetting the hair with a small amount of water, applying the rinse-less shampoo, "rinsing" with a wet towel, and using the dry portion of the towel to dry the hair before combing. The air conditioning system then collects the condensate from the towel and hair, returning it to the water reclamation system for reuse.

Maintaining Hygiene in Microgravity: Astronaut Demonstrates Hair-Washing Technique on ISS

Astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrated this unique hair-washing technique in a previous video shared during Expedition 36. It showcases the resourcefulness and adaptation required to maintain personal hygiene in the microgravity environment of the ISS , Note: The information provided in this response is based on the given article, and specific procedures may vary for individual astronauts or missions.

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