The story of Elon Musk's father scandal

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported information about a new scandal about the mixed private life of the family of the American billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of “Tesla” and “SpaceX”, which showed how his father, Erol Musk, confessed to having his second son from the eldest daughter of his ex-wife. An article entitled the story of the scandal of Elon Musk's father.

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The story of Elon Musk's father scandal

And the “Daily Mail” newspaper said, according to an interview conducted by the American newspaper “The Sun” with Errol Musk, that he had “a daughter from Jana Bezuidenhout, who is 35 years old, 3 years ago in the year 2019.”

The birth of Errol’s first child, who was named Elliott Rush , the year 2018, and he is now eight years old, and it was also unexpected for him from Jana, the daughter of his second wife, who has been in his custody since she was five years old, and this disclosure came about the latest children of Elon’s father, just days after it was known that Elon Musk had He fathered twins with one of his executive employees, who are the eighth and ninth children in his series.

We came to earth to reproduce

Elon Musk's 76-year-old father has denied not wanting another set of children, saying, "The only thing we are on earth for is reproduction." The story reportedly enraged his son, businessman Elon, 51, after he discovered that His father had a child with his sister, and although “Errol” denies the existence of a deteriorating relationship with his billionaire son, Elon described his engineer father before as “evil” and “a bad person.” Errol, a ship and aircraft sailing engineer and an electromechanical engineer from Nigeria, was Originally married to Jana's mom Hyde for 18 years, they have two children together.

He did not do a paternity test

After “Erol” admitted that he did not examine proof of the paternity of his new daughter, he said about her “exactly like my other daughters.” And “Jana” lived with Errol for about 18 months after having “Elliot Rush,” except that she seemed to have had a pregnancy once. Another of him during this period, and according to what “Erol” told the British media, Jana was not only ten years younger than him, but twenty, and he could not keep up with a woman 41 years younger than him, as he said: “I married her mother when she was 25 years old, and he was I'm 45, she was probably one of the nicest women I've ever seen. Erol admitted that his love with “Jana” shocked his four daughters, who consider “Jana” a sister to them and found her relationship with their father “scary.” A source told the “Daily Mail” when Elliot was born, “Errol had known Jana all her life .. He swore The family.. Errol was married to her mother when Jana was 4 years old.”

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