President Sheikh Mohamed Receives Japan's Prime Minister in Abu Dhabi

The visit of Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to Abu Dhabi was warmly welcomed by President Sheikh Mohamed on Monday. Accompanied by a delegation of senior government officials.

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UAE and Japan Strengthen Bonds During Prime Minister's Visit

Mr. Kishida received a grand reception at Qasr Al Watan, including a guard of honor and a 21-gun salute. The leaders engaged in discussions regarding the longstanding relations between the two nations, dating back over 50 years, and emphasized the significance of the comprehensive partnership established in September. This partnership marks a milestone, ushering in a new era of increased collaboration in various sectors such as the economy, trade, technology, energy, space, and education.

UAE and Japan Forge Paths to Peace and Co-operation

President Sheikh Mohamed and Prime Minister Kishida engaged in fruitful discussions on both regional and international developments, highlighting their shared commitment to supporting peace and stability. Being members of the UN Security Council, the UAE and Japan expressed their common goal of fostering co-operation and dialogue as means to achieve these objectives. Furthermore, the UAE expressed its anticipation of Japan's participation in the upcoming Cop28 climate conference, recognizing Japan's extensive contributions to climate action, including hosting Cop3 and its association with the Kyoto Protocol. The leaders emphasized their desire to work together in promoting sustainable global growth and stability.

Expanding Partnerships and Enhancing Ties Between UAE and Japan

The visit of Prime Minister Kishida marked a significant moment in the long-standing relationship between the UAE and Japan. Japan was among the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the UAE in 1972, and since then, the ties have continued to strengthen. Mr. Kishida acknowledged the growing importance of the UAE as a regional hub and gateway, with a substantial presence of Japanese expatriates and companies. The bilateral relationship extends beyond traditional areas such as energy and economy, encompassing collaboration in diverse fields like climate change, education, science and technology, outer space, and defense. Trade between the two countries has seen significant growth, with the UAE being Japan's seventh-largest trading partner globally and a vital oil supplier.

Paving the Way for Future Collaboration in Space and Innovation

The visit also provided an opportunity to explore collaboration in the space sector. Japan has been instrumental in supporting the UAE's space endeavors, including the launch of the KhalifaSat and the Mars Exploration Hope Probe. Mr. Kishida highlighted the successful joint operation of the UAE's lunar probe, Rashid Rover, in collaboration with a Japanese space start-up company. Both leaders expressed confidence in future-oriented efforts and emphasized their commitment to advancing collaboration in space-related fields. Additionally, discussions focused on expanding industrial collaboration, with Japan proposing an Innovation Partnership and highlighting the potential for increased foreign direct investment and cooperation in the semiconductor industry.

Strengthening Global Energy Security and Climate Action

The UAE's responsible approach to global energy security and its proactive efforts to address climate change were acknowledged by Prime Minister Kishida. Japan expressed its commitment to working closely with the UAE to ensure the success of Cop28. During the visit, Mr. Kishida presented the Global Green Energy Hub initiative, which aims to combine the geographical advantages and low-cost renewable energy resources of the UAE and the Middle East with Japan's cutting-edge decarbonization technologies. The initiative envisions the Middle East becoming a global hub in the supply chain of next-generation fuels and mineral resources, focusing on hydrogen and ammonia production, carbon recycling, and other related fields. Both countries are poised to collaborate in these areas, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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