Pakistani Baby with Holes in Heart Given New Lease of Life in Dubai

A Pakistani father has relayed an extraordinary tale of how his infant was granted a fresh lease on life through exceptional medical care in Dubai. Syed Iftikhar's son, Abbas, faced life-threatening medical complexities from birth, enduring months in intensive care, fiercely fighting for survival.

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A Pakistani Father's Account of His Baby's Remarkable Recovery in Dubai

The cost of his treatment amounted to millions of dirhams, yet the hospital compassionately waived the expenses. Mr. Iftikhar expressed his gratitude, stating, "My son owes his life to the outstanding treatment provided by Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital in Dubai, despite my financial constraints," as reported by The National.

The Struggles Faced by a Pakistani Father and His Son's Journey to Recovery

In September 2022, Abbas entered the world seemingly healthy, save for a small brain cyst. Initially deemed non-life-threatening, the cyst did not raise immediate concerns. However, within a couple of months, the baby's health rapidly deteriorated. Mr. Iftikhar recalled, "He stopped feeding and remained in constant agitation. Seizures gripped him, leaving his face blue and his fingers contorted. It was then that I realized the gravity of his condition." Alarmed by a significant drop in Abbas's oxygen levels, Mr. Iftikhar and his wife promptly summoned an ambulance for urgent medical assistance.

A Pakistani Father's Emotional Account of His Son's Critical Condition and Discovery of Rare Disorder

The ambulance swiftly transported Abbas to Al Jalila Hospital, where he was immediately admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Following several days of observation, doctors made a distressing revelation: Abbas had multiple holes in his heart. "He required heart surgery," Mr. Iftikhar shared. "The financial burden weighed heavily on us, given my struggling business and my wife's position as a customer care executive in a private firm." Adding to their anguish, a genetic test taken before the operation unveiled a rare genetic condition known as micro deletion, a chromosomal abnormality that can lead to intellectual disabilities and motor skill impairments.

Paragraph Title: The Tireless Efforts of Medical Professionals in Saving a Pakistani Baby's Life

Despite a successful surgery on December 26, Abbas's condition took a turn for the worse, leading to his urgent transfer back to the ICU due to a rapid deterioration. There, he suffered from seizures, cardiac arrest, weight loss, and recurring infections. The medical team at Al Jalila Hospital worked relentlessly to determine the underlying cause of Abbas's respiratory distress. During a bronchoscopy, doctors made a disheartening discovery: Abbas had floppy airways, a condition beyond cure. Mr. Iftikhar expressed their helplessness, stating, "All hopes were shattered when doctors informed us that our son would rely on a ventilator for many years. We felt utterly powerless."

A Father's Glimpse of Hope Amidst Desperation for His Critically Ill Son

As Abbas's condition continued to deteriorate, his lungs ceased to inflate by April. All efforts to restore his oxygen levels proved futile. Mr. Iftikhar shared their rollercoaster journey, stating, "The fluctuations in his health took a toll on us. We were unsure of what to expect as his condition swung from improvement to deterioration." One day, upon returning home with his wife, Mr. Iftikhar received an urgent call from the hospital. Abbas's condition had worsened yet again, necessitating an immediate tracheotomy to save his life. With a hole in his neck and temporary paralysis, Abbas's life hung precariously by a thread.

The Miracle of Medical Science: A Pakistani Father's Profound Gratitude

In that harrowing moment, the devastated father witnessed the miracle of medical science as the combined expertise of the ICU, cardiac surgeons, pulmonologists, and ENT specialists came together to save his son's life. Dr. Mahmoud Al Soufi, a cardiologist at Al Jalila Hospital, explained that due to Abbas's multi-congenital anomalies, a multi-specialty team was necessary to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Recognizing Abbas's weakened state and small size, open heart surgery was not feasible, so an alternative approach was devised to clear his airways. The surgical team closed the hole in his heart and fetal embryological artery, providing a glimmer of hope.

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