Learn about the types of Kuwait visa 2023 and the conditions

Located in the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait is notable for its unique combination of classical and contemporary architecture. It is also characterized by the iconic Kuwait Towers surrounded by modern skyscrapers, precisely engineered mosques, interesting museums that you must visit and stunning beaches where you can relax. It is really a beautiful and wonderful country that deserves your visit!

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Types of Kuwait visas 2023

There are five different kinds of visas for entering Kuwait:

  • Electronic tourist visa
  • foreign visa
  • resident visa
  • transit visa
  • Visa for entry

Conditions for residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to apply for an electronic visa

When applying for an e-Visa, the applicant's period of legal residence in GCC nations must be longer than six months.

– A copy of the sponsor's residence in one of the GCC nations is required to be sent with each application for an e-Visa for any dependents, including but not limited to a spouse, children, or domestic workers.

The primary applicant and all of their dependents are required to be present upon arrival in Kuwait. According to the applicant's place of residence in the Gulf, the applicant's job must correspond to one of the following categories:

Physicians, consultants, attorneys, engineers, judges and members of the public ministry, university professors, press and media pilots, systems analysts, computer managers programmers, businessmen, members of the diplomatic corps, and university graduates who are owners, managers, and representatives of companies and commercial establishments.

How to apply for a Kuwait tourist visa for Arab countries?

An ordinary tourist visa needs to be requested at the Kuwaiti embassy in the applicant's country.

At the Kuwaiti embassy in the applicant's country, the applicant must fill out the application form and submit the appropriate documents from the Kuwaiti embassy in the concerned nation together with the visa application.

Kuwait visas

Extending Kuwait visitor visa

If you hold a valid visit visa for Kuwait, the maximum amount of time you are allowed to spend in the nation is thirty days.

If you want to stay longer, there will be a KWD 10 per day charge added to your bill.

Should the special visit visa become invalid, you will be required to pay the full amount of the fine before being permitted to leave the country. Before the validity of the Kuwaiti visit visa runs out, applications have to be made to the Immigration Department.

Kuwait electronic visa costs 2022

The cost of an e-Visa for Kuwait is approximately three Kuwaiti Dinars.

Visa to visit relatives in Kuwait

Los miembros de la family in mediata y otros parientes que residen en otros países pueden visitar a los miembros de la familia who dwell actualmente in Kuwait.
Documents that must be lost in order to observe a visa obtained from a familiar son are as follows:

  • Prueba de parentesco
  • Una copia del pasaporte válido del visitante.
  • Original and copies of the Patrocinador's Driver's License (for the family that currently resides in Kuwait)
  • Un certificado de salario reciente para el patrocinador extranjero.
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