Italian forces secure a Turkish ship that gunmen tried to hijack

On Friday, "pirates" off the coast of Naples, who were most likely immigrants, attempted to seize control of a Turkish ship that was sailing to France, which resulted in the involvement of Italian special forces.

And on Friday, the Italian Minister of Defense, Guido Crocito, made the announcement that Italian special forces had successfully taken control of a Turkish ship that had been attacked by armed stowaways off the coast of the city of Naples in southern Italy.

During an interview with the government-run television station RAE, the minister stated that the operation is still underway and that Italian authorities are taking precautions to ensure the well-being of the 22 crew members who remain aboard the ship "Galetta Seaway" as they search for and apprehend the shooters.

He went on to say that the special forces carried out a landing operation on the Turkish ship from two helicopters in order to free the crew, who had been held captive by approximately 15 passengers who had boarded the ship clandestinely; two or three of these passengers were armed with bladed instruments.

According to statements made by Italian Defense Minister Guido Croceto to the press, "an operation is currently underway on a ship that has been boarded by pirates who have used weapons such as daggers" to threaten the crew of the ship.

The situation is still unclear as of this evening, but according to a source within the Italian government, the Italian special forces have taken control of the ship again.

According to the Italian media, the ship known as "Galata Seaways" wears the flag of Turkey, and on June 7 it set sail from Topcular in Turkey, which is located in Turkey, with the intention of traveling to Sete in southern France, where it is expected to arrive on Saturday. There are 22 individuals on board as members of the crew.

Off the coast of Naples, an unknown number of individuals confronted the crew and forced them to remain inside the cockpit. As a direct consequence of this, "the ship clearly deviated from its course," as the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

According to a statement released by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, the Galata Seawise cargo ship departed the port of Yalova in Turkey and is currently en route to the port of Sete in France.

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