How to apply for a visit visa to Saudi Arabia and the require

Because of the development and progress that are being experienced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a direct result of the wisdom of its leadership, we almost always get the impression that this country is located in another universe.

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Who can apply for a visit visa to Saudi Arabia?

Applicants who intend to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required to provide their information in order to establish whether or not they are qualified to submit an application.

It is important to note that in order to apply for a family visit, you must have first-degree relatives such as "parents, wife, children, and sisters" by going online to the visa services website.

Personal visit visa application

A service that allows you to request the visit of friends or other individuals who are not connected to you through family or business.

This visa enables travelers to enter Saudi Arabia in order to visit family members, friends, or acquaintances who are Saudi nationals.

Visitors are also granted permission to travel between regions and cities within Saudi Arabia, perform Umrah, and attend rituals in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Al-Madinah Al. -Munawwarah, as well as attend cultural events.


Request a "visit" through the people service on the platform and log in using the unified national access platform.

After that, fill out the data of those who should be invited through a personal visit request, and then approve the appropriate obligations.

After that, the application is processed, and a "personal visit visa document" is provided. The "invitation application" inquiry service is where the applicant can check the details of the "personal visit visa document."

After filling out the "entry visa application" form on the visa platform, the person who has been invited to visit can finish the payment process for fees and medical insurance, and then submit the application and passport to the embassy or consulate from Saudi Arabia in the guest country. or through the approved centers or offices of the embassy or consulate, and then receive the passport after the issuance of the entry visa and entry into Saudi Arabia through all air, land, and sea ports.

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New privileges

Since it is now possible to convert visitor visas for children under the age of 18 into a "resident identity," the General Directorate of Passports has announced additional facilities for holders of this visa.

These new facilities are available since it is possible to convert visitor visas into a "resident identity" for children as long as their parents have permanent residence.

In the same vein, the expiration of the individual's residence does not prevent the extension of the visitor visit visa; however, it is imperative that the total extension of the family visit visa does not exceed 180 days, and a penalty will be imposed for delaying the extension of the visit visa by more than three days after its expiration date. imposed on the individual three days after the visa's expiration date.

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