Dubai Rent: Family Pays Dh77,000 for Three-Bedroom Near School

Diya Pardasani, a 47-year-old Indian resident, made a thoughtful decision to reside in a three-bedroom apartment in Dubai's Oud Metha district.

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My Dubai Rent: Exploring Diya Pardasani's Chosen Home in Oud Metha

Her primary consideration was the apartment's proximity to her children's school, which offered easy access via buses and the Dubai Metro line. Moving from Ras Al Khor in 2021, she found the reduced rents during the Covid-19 pandemic favorable, making her new home even more appealing. Pardasani welcomed The National to tour her abode, providing insights into what makes this location special to her.

Oud Metha: A Convenient Choice for Family Proximity to Children's School

When asked about her choice to live in Oud Metha, Pardasani explained that it brought her closer to her children's school, a longstanding wish. The convenience of living a mere three-and-a-half-minute walk away from the school made it an ideal location. Additionally, her son could easily access a different branch of the same school through the nearby metro station. The combination of accessibility and the affordability of the area during the pandemic made the decision to move an easy one.

Satisfying Amenities in Oud Metha: Gyms, Restaurants, Supermarkets, and More

In terms of the amenities and offerings in the area, Pardasani expressed her satisfaction. Besides having a gym in the building, the district is adorned with various restaurants and cafes, ensuring there is always a dining option available, even during late hours. Additionally, they are within walking distance of a large supermarket and a church, contributing to the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Evaluating Rent Value in Oud Metha: Initial Year Offers Great Value, Subsequent Increases Raise Concerns

When evaluating the value she receives for her rent, Pardasani acknowledged that the initial year offered fantastic value. However, subsequent rent increases of 10% and the prospect of a 15% increase for the following year have her considering the cost more closely. Despite this, when she compares the cost to move to another location of similar size in the current market, the value of her current apartment still stands out. Being close to her children's school also offers additional savings in other aspects.

Proximity to Children's School Takes Precedence: Oud Metha Chosen Over Al Rigga for Convenience and Affordability

While exploring her options, Pardasani did consider other areas but prioritized proximity to her children's school. Although an alternate unit near Al Rigga seemed appealing due to its proximity to metro lines, the cost was considerably higher, making Oud Metha the logical choice , The only downside Pardasani mentioned was the occasional heavy traffic in the area during peak hours. However, she emphasizes that the advantages of living in Oud Metha outweigh any disadvantages, making it a satisfying and convenient place to call home.

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