Dr. Sultan Al Jaber Urges More Nations to Join Global Cooling Pledge

Dr Sultan Al Jaber, the President-designate of the Cop28 UN climate conference, is appealing to more countries to join a crucial initiative - the 'Global Cooling Pledge,' which promotes sustainable cooling solutions.

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Urgent Call for Global Action: Dr Sultan Al Jaber Advocates Sustainable Cooling Solutions

Introduced by the UN Environment Programme and the Cop 28 Presidency, this pledge incentivizes governments and stakeholders to take action in five key areas: nature-based solutions, super-efficient appliances, food and vaccine cold chains, district cooling, and National Cooling Action Plans. So far, over 20 nations have already signed up for the pledge. Nevertheless, the need for sustainable cooling is pressing, as almost 2.5 billion people worldwide lack access to climate-friendly cooling solutions, with more than one billion individuals at high risk from extreme heat, predominantly in Africa and Asia.

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber Urges Global Adoption of Climate-Friendly Cooling Solutions

Standard cooling practices, including air conditioning, are responsible for over seven percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. If current usage rates continue, the energy requirements for space cooling are projected to triple by 2050, leading to a substantial rise in associated emissions. Addressing this critical issue, Dr Al Jaber, also the UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, urges countries to join the global cooling pledge. He emphasizes the urgency of transitioning to energy-efficient and climate-friendly cooling solutions to avoid a 7 to 10 percent rise in emissions from the sector.

Global Cooling Pledge: Advancing Climate Justice and Ensuring Access to Vital Cooling Solutions

The Global Cooling Pledge focuses on extending cooling access to safeguard vulnerable communities from extreme heat, ensuring the freshness of food and the safety of vaccines, particularly in less developed countries, small island states, and the global south. Dr Al Jaber believes that cooling is a matter of climate justice, with heat disproportionately impacting lower-income communities and families. Cooling plays a vital role in climate mitigation and adaptation, affecting food and medicine supply, and is pivotal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting against heat stress, enhancing productivity, reducing food loss, and improving access to healthcare.

Global Cooling Pledge Gains Momentum with Over 20 Countries, Preparing for COP28 in Dubai

The Global Cooling Pledge has garnered early support from more than 20 countries, including India and Denmark. However, Dr Al Jaber stresses that more nations must join the initiative in preparation for Cop28, the UN climate conference hosted in Dubai. This pledge aims to enhance energy efficiency and expand sustainable cooling access, aligning with the UAE's comprehensive four-pillar plan for Cop28. The plan emphasizes fast-tracking the energy transition, addressing climate finance, focusing on people's well-being, and promoting inclusivity during the summit.

COP28: A Crucial Global Stocktake for Climate Change Action in Dubai

Set to be the first "global stocktake" of progress in limiting climate change, Cop28 at Expo City Dubai in November will play a pivotal role in assessing global efforts to curb global warming. Dr Al Jaber called on countries to update their emissions plans by September to align them with the crucial target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, the guiding principle of his science-based and action-oriented plan for Cop28. The time for collective action to address the cooling challenge and combat climate change is now, and Dr Sultan Al Jaber's plea serves as a call to action for nations worldwide to rally behind the Global Cooling Pledge.

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