where to read Jinx Chapter 31

According to the most recent information, the Raw Scan release of the following chapter will be made accessible before August 16, 2023, which is before three to four days.

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where to read Jinx Chapter 31

Overview of Chapter 30 in Jinx

The new place that Jinri is living in has a really roomy bedroom. There were several cardboard containers that were forgotten about. Donghae, a newcomer, enters Jinri's room and quickly begins applying makeup to her face. As a result of Donghae's unexpectedly friendly disposition, Jinri decides to solicit his help with certain household responsibilities.

As a result of the regulations and Jinri's activities, several members of Super Junior have butted heads with one another. Among these members are Lee Tuk and Eunhyuk. Everyone has decided to clean up Jinri's room along with her assistance because it is a total disaster.

As Jinri sees the members of Super Junior organize her stuff, she is filled with gratitude for the good fortune she has received. Heechul of Super Junior pops the question to Jinri and expresses his desire for them to be together for the rest of their lives. Jinri considers the offer to be satisfactory.

Heechul screams as he rips his clothes out of the dryer in an angry manner. She advises Jinri that she needs to mature and quit acting like a child. Jinri is the only member of Super Junior who knows Heechul well because she lived with him in the same house for more than a year. The other members of the group give him a puzzled look.

Jinx Chapter 31

how to read Jinx Chapter 31

A low-key celebration takes place in Jinri's house in honor of their leaving. At a restaurant, she sits there until midnight and consumes approximately 40 pieces of grilled and bottled smoked meat. After Jinri has had a few drinks, she goes to bed and spends the rest of the night staring at the ceiling of her room.

Since Donghae moved into the house, the doorbell has been asking him whether or not he has been getting in touch with him. Because he has been feeling isolated recently, Jin-ri has expressed a desire to have his brother Dong-hae move in with him.

Heechul has become so spoiled by Jinri's treatment that he doesn't even bat an eye when he's put in the presence of the mad man. Jinri gives her approval, and the two of them proceed to take a seat in the middle of the city. After Jinri has settled into her new home, the two of them have a conversation about organizing the household goods.

Jinri is worn out after spending all day cleaning up her new abode because she started the day early. Her brother Taemin approached her with a request to see if he could clean her new flat. Now that it's over, he breathes a sigh of relief. Due to the fact that Changjo sunbaenim provided me with an early assist.

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