when is madden 24 coming out

EA Sports is almost prepared to launch the new season of its football video game franchise on the digital gridiron.

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when is madden 24 coming out

On August 18, Madden 24 will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, and PC Steam. Customers who pre-order the deluxe edition of the game will be given early access to the game beginning on August 15 for a period of three days.

Take a look at the reveal trailer that we have prepared for current-generation systems.

The great quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, is featured on the cover of this year's edition of the game. You can see him in the thumbnail for the trailer and in the main image at the top of this post.

Allen is coming off of a successful season with the Buffalo Bills. While leading the Bills to a 13-3 record and their third consecutive AFC East win, the two-time Pro Bowler finished third in the voting for league MVP.

Additionally, Allen finished the 2022 season with more than 4,250 passing yards and 35 touchdown passes for the third consecutive year. Because of his ability to play multiple positions and his personality on the field, he is an excellent candidate for the cover athlete position.

Those who pre-order Madden 24 will not only have early access to the game for a period of three days, but they will also receive the standard package of bonuses for opting in early.

The list of pre-order bonuses that are available from EA can be seen here.

Note that the early access to the game and the additional 4,600 Madden Points that can be utilized in the game's popular Ultimate Team mode are the two key differences between the Deluxe Edition and the Standard.

madden 24

madden 24 releasion date

This year's installment of Madden boasts the return of mini-games to franchise mode, additional relocation options for your teams in franchise mode (which I mentioned in another post), the growth of FieldSense technology, as well as the return of Superstar mode on current-generation consoles. Please take note that Face of the Franchise will still be available for systems of the previous generation.

A Look Back at Some Highlights From the Madden 24 Closed Beta
In June, Electronic Arts made available to customers a closed beta version of Madden 24, which provided a preview of the game's fundamental gameplay, as well as some of the alterations made to franchise mode and other features. The following is a peek at some gameplay that was posted by Weisguy during the beta testing phase of the game. It depicts Allen and Bills competing against the San Francisco 49ers:

The video that is located above provides us with a look at some of the newly added animations, player models, and a few new lines of commentary.

The verdict will be finalized after the game is made available for purchase in August. Keep an eye out for further football notes that EA will post in the future, both before and after the game's official release date. These notes will contain more in-depth information.

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