UAE: Mercedes-Benz recalls 2,500+ SUVs for this issue

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Luxury car enthusiasts in the UAE might need to schedule a pit stop for their Mercedes-Benz SUVs, as local importers have announced a recall affecting more than 2,500 vehicles.

The recall aims to address potential issues with the downshift operation transmission.

Affected Models and Importers

The recall targets specific models produced between 2019 and 2023, namely the GLS/GLE equipped with the M256 engine and NAG3 automatic transmission. Notable importers involved in this recall include Gargash Enterprises, catering to Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, and Emirates Motor Company, serving Abu Dhabi. This action falls within the framework of cooperation with the Consumer Protection and Commercial Control Department of the Ministry of Economy. It underscores the commitment to ensuring ongoing scrutiny of products within the UAE market, thus safeguarding consumer interests.

Mercedes-Benz AG has located the problem on 167 platforms of GLE/GLS vehicles and linked it to a possible software glitch in the transmission control unit. The vehicle identification numbers (VINs) of about 2,521 cars that fit within the designated ranges make them eligible for this recall campaign. Every car has a unique identity that is determined by its car identification number (VIN), which is made up of 17 uppercase letters and numbers. Owners can find the VIN on a plate attached to the driver's door jamb or on the driver's side of the upper dashboard.

Efforts have been made to inform affected vehicle owners promptly. Both Gargash Enterprises and Emirates Motor Company have reached out to notify their respective customers about the recall. Contact details have been provided for customers to address any concerns or inquiries regarding the recall process. Acknowledging potential inconveniences, the distributors express regret while extending gratitude to their customers for their patience and cooperation throughout this recall initiative.

For further assistance or clarification, customers can reach out to Gargash Enterprises at 800 2369 or Emirates Motor Company at 800 362. This recall underscores the importance of proactive measures in ensuring vehicle safety and consumer satisfaction within the luxury automobile market of the UAE.

A Closer Look at the Recall

Mercedes-Benz AG has discovered that some GLE/GLS vehicles may not have transmission control unit software that complies with requirements. This technical issue can interfere with the transmission's ability to downshift, endangering drivers' safety. A certain range of vehicle identification numbers (VINs) associated with the impacted vehicles is the focus of the recall campaign. Owners of Mercedes-Benz SUVs falling under certain VIN ranges are recommended to get in quick contact with their respective importers in order to arrange for a thorough inspection and any required maintenance.

For Mercedes-Benz SUV owners in the UAE, this recall may disrupt their daily routines and necessitate temporary adjustments in transportation arrangements. However, prioritizing safety and addressing potential issues promptly is paramount to ensuring the continued satisfaction and loyalty of customers. The cooperation between Mercedes-Benz AG, local importers, and regulatory authorities exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing automotive safety concerns. By working together, stakeholders aim to minimize risks and uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability in the luxury automobile sector.

In light of this recall, affected consumers can rest assured that measures are being taken to rectify the identified issues swiftly and efficiently. Timely communication and transparent guidance from authorized importers contribute to fostering trust and confidence among Mercedes-Benz SUV owners. While recalls are inevitable in the automotive industry, how manufacturers and importers handle them can significantly influence brand reputation and consumer perceptions. By demonstrating accountability and prioritizing customer safety, Mercedes-Benz reaffirms its commitment to excellence and integrity in product quality and service delivery.

The recall of Mercedes-Benz SUVs in the UAE underscores the collaborative efforts of stakeholders to uphold safety standards and consumer protection. Through proactive measures and transparent communication, importers aim to address potential transmission issues promptly, ensuring the continued satisfaction and trust of customers. As luxury car enthusiasts navigate this recall process, they can rely on the expertise and commitment of authorized dealers to prioritize their safety and vehicle performance.

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