Retrieve lost photographs from your Google Drive account

How to retrieve photos from Google Drive ?, a question that many are looking for an answer to, as Google Drive provides an image storage service, and deleted photos can be retrieved through this service, and in this article we will talk in detail about the Google Drive service, and we will explain in detailed steps how to recover photos through this application.

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Google Drive service

Google Drive (in English: Google Drive) is a cloud synchronization and file storage service developed by Google, as this service allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files between devices and share files.

This service also allows users 15 GB of free storage via Google email, the service also provides 100 GB, 200 GB, 2 terabytes, 10 terabytes, 20 terabytes and 30 terabytes through optional paid plans, and users can change privacy settings for individual files and folders, and there's a Google Drive Apps service on almost every operating system, like Windows, Android, and iPhone.

This service also has its own website. You can subscribe to Google Drive by following these steps:

  • Create a Gmail account by going to the Gmail website “from here”.
  • After creating a Gmail account, log in to the Google Drive website “from here”.
  • Enter your Gmail account with the password.
  • Choose the right cloud storage for you.
  • Accept the pairing with the rest of your devices.
  • Confirm the operation through e-mail.

Recover photos from the Google Drive application

  • Download the Google Drive application for iPhone devices
  • Download the Google Drive app for Android devices
  • Go to the Google Drive app.
  • Choose the main menu of the application.
  • From the main menu choose Trash.
  • Select the photos and files you want to recover from the trash list.
  • After selecting the required photos and files, choose the restore option.

Recover photos from the Google Photo application

  • Download the Google Photo app for Android devices
  • Download the Google Photo application for iPhone devices.
  • Go to the Google Photo app.
  • Choose the Library option present at the bottom of the app.
  • From the Library menu, choose Trash.
  • Choose the Select option located at the top of the app.
  • Select the photos to be recovered.
  • Choose the Replay option.
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