Instructions for doing a search on Google Images

In this wikiHow, you will learn how to search for an image on Google using an image you already have. You can use the image search feature on your computer by uploading the existing image to Google. You can also use the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone or computer to search for similar images on the Internet.

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How to do a google image search

Image search refers to the user's ability to search for a specific term to find images related to the search topic, and the Google search engine user can limit and customize the search results to find results that appear in the form of images only, by following the following steps:

  • Open one of the internet browsers available on the user's computer or phone.
  • Navigate through your browser to the website
  • Start the search process through the Google search engine.
  • Limit the search results to images only by clicking on the Images option that appears on the search results screen.

Advanced Google image search

The Google search engine provides what is known as Google Advanced Image Search. Where this service provides the ability to search very accurately for images with specific and advanced details, and it is possible to access the advanced search for images in Google by clicking on the following link: click here, and here are some of the options provided by the advanced search to its users:

  • Select to show images with specific words in them.
  • Determine the display of images that have certain dimensions according to their length and width, which makes it easier to specify the search for wide or panoramic images or other types of images.
  • Search for images of specific places around the world.
  • Search for images within a specific website. Activate safe search, which protects the user from the appearance of images with inappropriate content.

Google reverse image search

The term "Reverse Image Search" refers to a search strategy that allows a particular picture to be input as the topic of a search, and after the search has been done, all of the results that are associated to that image are given on an online platform.

This search method is referred to as "Reverse Image Search." The name given to this kind of search is a "Reverse Image Search."

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