How to turn on mobile network internet on Android

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How to display internet activity in the status bar on

You just need to download and install an Android application that will help you to show network activity in the status bar. Today, we will learn how to display network activity in the status bar on Android using one simple Android application that will let you know every activity of your network. This is a very simple and easy method, and all you need to do is display network activity in the status bar on your Android device.

On your Android phone, therefore in order to go forward with this, follow these instructions.

First: The Internet Speed Meter application may be obtained from the Google Play store for free and then installed on your Android device. All that is required of you is to do these steps.

Now we open the application through its icon on the phone screen, and to make changes to the network and the Internet reader on the status bar, we enter the application settings Settings and then we choose NOTIFICATION and we go to the option to show notifications Enable Notification and we activate it by running its icon, and also the option Only Show on Connect, and we also activate it in order to turn on notifications only when connected to the Internet, and we will also notice that Internet notifications appear in the status bar at the top of your Android phone, so that you know from them how much you have consumed and what is left for you in the case of using phone data, and also in the case of Using the Wi-Fi network, the application tells you how often you use the Internet, as well as the speed of use.

How to manually adjust internet settings:

If you discover a difference from what we discuss, you should attempt to search for your phone model and type explicitly, or you may leave it to us and we will search for you:

  • The way that we will explain now is a working method that works for all Android phones without exception. But of course, if you find a difference from what we mention, you should try to search for your phone model and type particularly.
  • To begin, go to the Settings menu on your phone, where you should see an option labeled Mobile Networks; choose it using the button provided.
  • You should now see a selection that is either titled Access Point Names or Access Point Names or Set Access Points; choose the appropriate option by clicking on it.

How to turn on the Internet on Android phones manually:

After entering this screen, click on the three dots at the top or the word More and choose Reset to Default to clear the settings and access points previously and start over.
Then click on the word Add or the + sign to add the new access points
You will see a screen like the one below that includes all the access point data. You will enter it as it is below. If you do not find a specific statement, this means that it is not required, and you can save the access point in this way.
After you have finished entering the data, click on Save to save the access point and to use it automatically to access and operate the Internet.

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