How to turn off WhatsApp notifications on Android phones

Here's a simple technique to hide WhatsApp messages and avoid accidentally reading them. On Android and iPhone phones, WhatsApp instant messages display in system alerts and previews. It is best to block messages from displaying on the screen and read them from inside the program, particularly personal communications.

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How to prevent WhatsApp messages from appearing on the screen

On iPhones, do the following:

1- Launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone

2- Click on Settings from the bottom bar

3- Click on Notifications

4- Turn off the “Message Preview” option from the bottom

In this case, you will receive a notification on the screen that there is a new message from someone, but no part of the sent message will appear on the screen, and you must go to the application to read it.

If you want to stop the notification of a new message on the lock screen on the iPhone, do the following:

1- Go to Settings (for iPhone, not WhatsApp)

2- Click on Notifications

3- Select the WhatsApp application and turn off notifications on the lock screen as well as in the notification center

On Android phones, do the following:

1- Go to settings or settings (depending on your device)

2- Click on Notifications, then you will see a list of applications, choose WhatsApp (if WhatsApp does not appear, click on More and choose all applications)

3- You will see a set of settings for application notifications. Go to message notifications

4- Turn off notifications

In this way, you will need to open the WhatsApp application to read new messages, knowing that from the same previous menu you can control the way notifications are displayed, such as not displaying messages on the lock screen only and leaving them for the rest, or as we did, turn off message notifications completely.

Advantages of running two WhatsApp numbers on one device

You will find that being able to use two different WhatsApp numbers on the same device is not only helpful in getting your work done but also saves you money since you will not need to purchase a new phone in order to do so.

Many customers are seeking for a solution that would allow them to utilize the same mobile device to activate two separate WhatsApp accounts using different phone numbers.

You will discover how to run two separate WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone at the same time in this post. Both of these accounts will use distinct phone numbers.

Features of the WhatsApp Business app

The WhatsApp Business application comes with many features, including:
It can be installed alongside the personal WhatsApp application on the phone.
Allows you to create a profile containing the user's website and geographic location.
Provides an autoresponder feature by creating messages in advance.
Allows you to create quick messages.

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