How to send pictures from mobile phone to computer

Do you want to get the pictures you took with your phone onto your computer? You might want to send the pictures to someone else or move them to your computer. There are many ways to do this, such as using MMS texts, a USB wire, memory cards, and more. Some ways may be easier than others, depending on your phone and what you have access to.

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Synchronize phone photos from your computer to the cloud using Google Drive

With the Google Drive cloud storage service, you can sync pictures to move them from your phone to your computer without a wire.

Let's learn how to use this service to send things in the rest of this piece. Stay with us until the end of the explanation:

1-You have to use a computer to sign in to your Google Photos account and then click the Settings button at the top.
2-Click on "Show more," then click on "Export your data," and finally click on "Backups."
3-Then, click the "All included photo albums" choice. You can then choose which files you want to move to the computer. If you want, you can choose all groups.
4-Click "Next Step" and then click "Export Once" in the "Repeat" part.
5-Click "Create Export" when you're ready to save the files on your computer.
6-When the screening is done, you can click the "Download" link to save the pictures to your computer.

Transfer photos from phone to computer without cable via email

You don't need a wire to send a picture or a group of pictures from your phone to your computer via e-mail.

Let's find out more about that in the next few paragraphs of this piece.

Here's how:

1-On an Android phone or an iPhone, you must go to the picture album.
2- Choose the picture or photos you want to share to your computer.
3-Then, click on the "Share" button at the bottom. A list of choices will show, and you can click on "Gmail" from that list.
4-Then, type in your email address and click "Send."
5-You can then go to your email on the computer and share these pictures.

Transfer photos between phone and computer using MobileTrans

There are many programs that offer the service of transferring files from the phone to the computer without using any cable, the MobileTrans program is among these programs that provide this service, which you can really rely on in the process of transferring photos from the phone to the computer, but you can also transfer all of the videos and messages WhatsApp and music from your Android phone or iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer.

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