how to Remove WindowSample From Mac

WindowSample is classified as a potentially unwanted program that inserts advertisements into the websites you visit and redirects your browser's search queries. Its main objective is to generate revenue through advertising while disrupting your browsing experience. This unwanted program typically infiltrates your system through a browser extension or program.

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how to Remove WindowSample From Mac

Once WindowSample is installed on your computer, it takes control of your browser's homepage and search engine settings. As a result, you will encounter unwanted advertisements that originate from sources unrelated to the websites you are browsing. Additionally, WindowSample will open new browser tabs that display advertisements promoting software sales, fake software updates, and tech support scams.

There are certain indicators that WindowSample has infected your computer:

1. Your browser's default search engine is set to WindowSample Search.
2. Your search queries are redirected through WindowSample Search before reaching search result pages from
3. The presence of the "WindowSample" browser extension or program on your Mac.

WindowSample is typically installed by users, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Often, this type of program is distributed through deceptive advertisements or bundled with other software, leaving users puzzled about its origin. Unfortunately, some free downloads fail to disclose the installation of additional software, leading to the inadvertent installation of WindowSample without the user's knowledge.

If you are unsure about how WindowSample was installed or concerned that other unwanted extensions or programs may be present on your Mac, you can follow the removal guide provided below.

To remove WindowSample from your Mac, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Remove malicious profiles
STEP 2: Delete malicious apps
STEP 3: Reset browsers to default settings
STEP 4: Run a scan with Malwarebytes for Mac to eliminate malware

Configuration profiles are commonly used by IT administrators in businesses to control Mac settings. However, in the case of home users, adware and browser hijackers exploit configuration profiles to prevent users from removing malicious programs and changing browser settings.

In the first step, we will check if any configuration profiles are installed on your computer:

1. Open "System Preferences" from the Apple menu.
2. Search for the "Profiles" icon within the System Preferences window.
3. If there is no Profiles icon, it means no profiles are installed, and you can proceed to the next steps.
4. If a Profiles icon is present, click on it and select any suspicious profile you want to remove. Click the "-" (minus) button and confirm the removal.


How do I remove adware cleaner from my Mac?

focuses on identifying and removing any malicious apps or files that may be present on your Mac. Redirects or adware programs sometimes provide usable uninstall entries that can facilitate their removal:

1. Quit any malicious programs by clicking on their icons in the top-right corner of the Apple menu bar and selecting "Quit."
2. Open the Finder application from your dock.
3. In the Finder left pane, click on "Applications."
4. Scroll through the list of installed apps until you find the malicious app. Right-click on it and select "Move to Trash."
5. Finally, empty the trash by right-clicking on the trash icon in the dock and selecting "Empty Trash."

By following these steps, you can effectively remove WindowSample from your Mac and mitigate its unwanted effects.

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