How to permanently stop YouTube ads on iOS and Android devices

How to permanently stop YouTube ads on iOS and Android devices, ads are among the annoying things that people and individuals face when they open the YouTube platform from Android or iOS systems, or when watching YouTube

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How to stop ads on YouTube for Android

Below we will list the most important steps related to how to stop ads in YouTube on Android systems, which are as follows:

  • We open the Google Play Store, search for Adblock Browser for Android, and install it on the device..
  • Go to YouTube in the Adblock Browser for Android app.
  • Check that ads are disabled.

Block ads on YouTube on iOS devices

There are a lot of ways to stop ads on those devices, and the easy ways to block YouTube ads on an iOS device are the same methods that we apply on an Android device, which is first to download the app from a web browser that may include an ad block function embedded, through the following we will explain the method as follows:

  • We open the App Store on your device.
  • Then do a search for Adblock Browser.
  • Then we download and install Adblock Browser.
  • Go to YouTube in Adblock Browser, and check that ads are disabled.

Block ads on YouTube on iOS devices with Safari

Below we will list the most important steps that help block ads on the YouTube platform on iPhone devices with the Safari application, as follows:

  • First we must open the App Store.
  • We search for AdBlock.
  • Click on the ad blocker you want to use.
  • Then we download AdBlock.
  • Complete any subsequent steps required by AdBlock.
  • Go to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers.
  • We activate pop-up blocking.
  • We look for the “Allow content blocking” section and enable the AdBlock tool.
  • Then we launch Safari, go to YouTube and check that ads are disabled.
  • If ads are not disabled, then we will remove the ad blocker you selected and try another one.

Get rid of YouTube ads on mobile

You can get rid of the ads that may appear to you when using the YouTube platform, through the browsers of smartphones that operate on the Android system, as well as phones that operate on the (iOS) system, by using the free browser, which is the browser (Ad-block), with which you can by downloading it from the application store of the system on which the smartphone is based, but using that browser would block YouTube ads in the event that YouTube was used through the browser on smart phones, and it does not mean that it blocks ads on the YouTube application for mobile phones, And you can avoid watching ads through this application or even through the browser, by subscribing to what is known as the service (YouTube Premium), which would allow the user to watch videos on YouTube without watching ads, get rid of YouTube ads via mobile phone.

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