How to Open a Can in an Emergency

The sight of a cupboard stuffed with cans but lacking an opener for those cans should not be disheartening. Instead, it can be a challenge, but one that is readily surmounted using little more than a spoon or a flat piece of concrete. Obviously, a can opener is even less complicated, and it just requires a fundamental understanding of a few plans. If you find all of this to be too much of a headache, you can abandon your methods for the storage of food by ripping a tin can in half with your bare hands.

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Opening a Can without a Can Opener

1- Put the box on its side and slide it over the rock or the concrete.

Find a piece of concrete or a rock that is flat and has a rough surface. Flip the box over so that the raised edge is rubbing against the underside of the hard, textured surface. Apply a tiny amount of pressure while you do this.

  • If the container only holds liquid, you can check to see if it is sealed by holding it vertically and using the point of a spoon to rub against a tiny piece of the outermost groove while contacting the raised edge of the top of the container.
How to Open a Can in an Emergency
How to Open a Can in an Emergency

2- Continue until you feel dampness.

The curved edge of the box should eventually break off, so allowing any trapped moisture to evaporate through the hole that you made in it. As soon as you become aware of this happening, flip the box over so that it is facing you.

3- Apply some pressure to the sides of the box. Put the box in an upright position on a level surface, and then use both hands to press the sides of the box together. Because the lid of the jar could cut your finger if you opened it with too much force, start by doing this slowly and softly before gradually increasing the pressure.

  • If that doesn't work, smash the side of the box against something solid. It is less convenient, but it might keep your fingertips from getting hurt.
  • You might also locate the hole and use a spoon, a screwdriver, or some other instrument to pry it open while working your way around the perimeter. Do not use a knife since it could easily slide out of your hands and cause serious injury.

Using a Can Opener

1- Put the pinion of the can opener on top of the can's lid.

Put the wheel of the can opener on the edge of the can lid that is furthest from the can. There are can openers available in which the wheel is intended to sit atop the can, in the groove that is located adjacent to the rim. In some of these boxes, the wheel will be on the outside of the box, and instead of resting in the upper groove, a flat piece of metal will be placed there.

  • Check out the advice section below if your opener does not have a wheel.

  • On some electric can openers, you will need to lift a protective flap first in order to expose the wheel. This is because the flap is there to prevent damage.

2- Pull your arms in close to your sides.

If you are utilizing a manual can opener, make sure that the arms of the can opener are closed as securely as possible. As the wheel passes through the metal, you should hear a hissing or piercing noise.

  • Simply pressing the button labeled "On" will activate an electronic can opener. Some models even have the capability to recognize the can and start opening it on their own.

3- Turn the knob to the right Always keep one hand on the can opener's arms and firmly grip them with that hand.

Turn the key on the outside of the can opener by turning the bar or handle that is attached to it with your other hand. This should force the can opener to go all the way around the edge of the can, cutting through the metal as it moves thanks to the gear wheel that is attached to the device.

  • If you leave a small bit of the lid's rim uncut, you may find that it is easier to handle the food that is contained within the container. This gives you the opportunity to use a fork to pry up the open end of the lid and bend it backward, rather than having to try to dig the lid out of the food after it has already dropped in.

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