How to Make It Appear That You Are Not Online on WhatsApp

Opening the WhatsApp application on your phone connected to the Internet makes you online now, or online in front of all friends, which indicates the necessity of responding quickly to incoming messages to you, but you, for whatever reason, may not want to appear online or respond to messages, so we will show you ways Hide online on WhatsApp so you can feel more private.

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How to hide someone who is online now on WhatsApp for Android

For all phones running Android OS, you can hide your online presence now on WhatsApp as follows:

  • First: Open the WhatsApp app, you will find three dots on the top right, click on it.
  • Second: Click Settings.
  • Third – Click on the first available option, which is the Account menu.
  • Fourth – Then click on the first option as well, which is Privacy.
  • Fifth: Click on the Last Viewed icon.
  • Sixth: You will see three suggestions, choose Nobody from them.
  • Seventh: In this case, your online appearance will disappear in front of all your existing WhatsApp users.

How to hide someone who is online now on WhatsApp for iPhone

Follow the methods given in the previous paragraph for Android phones if you want to hide connected now in WhatsApp for iPhone.

To begin, launch the program and go to the Settings menu.

Next, click Account, then Privacy, and lastly, Security. After that, pick the option that says no one after clicking on the option that says the most recent person observed.

The user will be able to read conversations and view a variety of media on WhatsApp using this feature without having to worry about being seen by other people online.

Appear offline in WhatsApp

If you think that the WhatsApp feature on the application itself to hide your appearance online in front of others may be ineffective or may cause you embarrassment and problems with the rest of the users, in this case you can download some programs intended for your appearance offline in WhatsApp, and one of the advantages of these programs is to achieve for the following:

  • It enables you to read WhatsApp messages without appearing online in front of others, while two gray checkmarks appear next to the messages.
  • These programs hide the user's last seen to respect their privacy.
  • It helps you recover deleted WhatsApp messages because it keeps a backup that can be easily restored.
  • The most important feature of these programs is that they can also be used for the same purpose with other applications such as Messenger, Viber and Telegram.
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