How to increase the volume on an Android smartphone

Even if it sounds easy, quite a few people asked us a similar question: “How to increase volume on Android?” As an answer to this question and similar ones that may follow, this guide will show you how to increase the volume on your Android phone. Even if your phone's volume is at its best, that doesn't mean you have to keep managing it if it's not to your taste. Try these tips and tricks on how to turn up the volume on Android when your phone's sound is unsatisfactory or the volume suddenly drops.

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Check your device's sound settings.

In addition to downloading a third-party app or trying any of the following methods to increase the volume on your Android phone, be sure to check your sound settings first.

Different Android devices have different ways of managing their sounds.

That being said, some brands offer additional settings and options to increase the volume of your phone.

For example, Infinix devices have DTS, while some TECNO phones have Dirac. So before browsing the internet for other ways to increase volume on Android, first check the one that came with your device.

In most cases, these features/settings/options should be in your phone's sound settings or as a separate app in your app drawer.

To get started, go to Settings → Sound and vibration. This is where you'll see basic audio settings and other features, including volume sliders. From there, you may want to make sure your media volume is loud enough.

Then scroll down to find features like Dirac, DTS, Sound Enhancement, Equalizer, and many more.

If you are using a TECNO/Infinix phone, make sure that BesLoudness is activated in Sound Enhancement. Helps significantly improve sound quality and speaker volume.

Increase the volume manually

Equally important, you need to make sure that the overall volume bar on your device is loud enough to be heard. who you know You may have been playing your music at a lower volume all this without knowing it.

So before proceeding, turn up the volume using the hardware volume keys. Here is how to increase mobile volume on Android:

  • You should find the volume buttons on each side of your phone's frame.
  • Click the volume up button several times to break the output volume
  • You will see a volume slider on your screen once you press the volume key. If the bar is high enough, then your device's volume is at maximum.
  • This is how to turn up the volume on Android manually. However, you can continue troubleshooting with the solutions below if the sound from your phone is not good or loud enough.

Switch to a better music player app

Likewise, the type of music player apps you use can affect the audio output. If the music volume drops while using a certain music player app, it's time to consider another app. And for Android, there are plenty of them on the Play Store.

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