How to hide friends on Facebook

How to hide friends on Facebook, like other social networking sites, Facebook gives users the ability to control their privacy through privacy tools that control data from their profile, friends list, photos, and status updates. It is worth mentioning that it allows users to conceal all file data, including friends, to hide Facebook friends from other users. Through the inability of others to send friend requests, messages, and views to the lists of friends, and our post, we will explain the most relevant information on this issue.

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Facebook privacy

In the Facebook app, enter your personal page, go to the poster with a comment you want to hide, move the mouse pointer next to the comment to show the single more, click through it to hide the comment, and then after that, Work by logging in to the main personal Facebook page, going to Likes, clicking on Change Privacy until you see a page dividing the pages you want, going down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the public icon, talking to it, and changing it to I just work by clicking on the Close button from there. All recordings will be concealed from friends when it finishes.

Steps to prevent sending friend requests

After learning how to conceal Facebook friends, we must follow these measures to avoid friend requests:

  • Go to the down arrow button available in the top bar of the main page of the Facebook application, choose Settings and Privacy.
  • Choose Settings.
  • The settings menu will open, choose Privacy from the sidebar, and in the Who can send you friend request field
  • Click on the Edit menu, you will find only two options:
  • Everyone: Any Facebook user can send you a friend request.
  • Friend Of Friends: Friends of friends can send you friend requests, that is, all friends who share with your friends, then choose the second option, Friend Of Friends.

How to hide friends on Facebook

Through one of the settings, the Facebook app explains how to hide friends from all users, certain users, or a dedicated user:

Choosing "Only Me": another menu will open to modify the privacy system, then pick the category you want to access the list of friends, and many selections from the current list will show.
Public: This option displays the friends list on the public screen even without friends.
Friends: Only friends of the user may see the friends list.
All Friends Except Friends Expect: Allows all friends to access the friends list except for categories you restrict.
specified Friends: This option restricts the friends list to specified categories.
Only Me: The account user may see friend lists.
Choose Only Me: so that you can get How can I hide my friends on Facebook by:

  • Personal account: Go to the Profile menu by clicking on your picture in the list on the side.
  • Friends List: On the horizontal bar, click Friends.
  • Change privacy: The friends list will open, click on the friend list indicator, then select Edit Privacy.
  • Privacy options: A menu will open with three options. The first is related to the Friend List. Click on the status on the side, and here the default state is Public, meaning that anyone can view the list.
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