How to disable GPS on iPhone

You will be able to figure out how to deactivate the built-in GPS feature that is included in your iPhone if you continue reading this article and follow the steps that are given in the next portion of the post that is supplied for you.

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How to prevent iPhone from tracking location

All phones, or especially iPhones, use GPS to determine your location, meaning that the company knows where you are at the present time and where you went because the phone is always with you, and uses location services to know the places you visit in addition to that applications that take location powers know where you are and move you and this is what may not be liked by the majority, so in this post we will learn about a set of ways to turn off your location and not allow applications and sites to know where you are or how to prevent the iPhone from tracking your location, and we will also learn how to share your location with services and people Specifically, through the features of the iPhone itself, other than sharing the location in the known ways.

Turn off access to your location for certain apps

You may need to disable location validity on certain applications and allow other applications such as maps, delivery applications, etc., so we will learn how to allow or disable location validity on applications installed on your phone, the method is as follows:

  • We head to the phone settings
  • After that, we choose “Privacy” and then “Location Services”, and we activate it if it is not activated
  • Scroll down and a list of applications installed on the phone that use your location will appear
  • We choose the application we want, then click on it, and you will see a set of options for allowing the application to know your location:
  • Never Never
  • Ask Next Time
  • While Using the App
  • Always Always

Share your location with specific people

As long as you deactivate the location permissions on some applications and websites, you will definitely need to share it with an individual such as an Uber driver or any other person in order to determine your location, we will show you how to share the location with a specific person:

  • We open the phone settings
  • After that, go to “Privacy” and activate the location services if it is not activated
  • In the main Settings menu, tap on your name at the top
  • Select Find My and enable Share my location
  • Then go to the Find My app and give it location permissions
  • You can then select the person you want to share your location with and then click Share my location
  • In the To field: We type the phone number or the name of the person with whom we want to share the site, then click Send
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