How to create an account on the WhatsApp application

Do you want to open a new WhatsApp account? Today we are going to teach you how to create a WhatsApp account on Google from your mobile phone so that you can communicate for free with friends.

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Introduction before opening a WhatsApp account from Google

The application for instant messaging known as WhatsApp has a great deal of popularity all around the world. The application is now affiliated with Facebook, a company that has achieved an incredible amount of success.

If the other person you are communicating with also has the WhatsApp software installed on their device, you are able to send each other text messages, recorded voice messages, as well as make phone calls and video calls.

This is true regardless of the kind of devices that are being used on either end of the conversation.

In addition to being available for use on mobile devices that are powered by the iOS and Android operating systems, respectively, the WhatsApp software may be used on regular desktop PCs as well.

Everyone who owns a mobile phone is needed to establish a new WhatsApp account. Today, we will show you how to set up a WhatsApp account at no cost to you, and everyone who possesses a mobile phone is required to establish a new WhatsApp account.

Because more than one billion individuals in every region of the world use the WhatsApp program, it is absolutely necessary for everyone who has a mobile phone to establish a new WhatsApp account as soon as humanly feasible.

Features of the WhatsApp application

  • Send text messages and instant chat with friends.
  • Make high-quality audio and video calls without interruption.
  • The ability to delete sent messages before the other person sees them.
  • Send photos, videos and files of large sizes.
  • Create groups (groups) for group conversations.
  • The ability to block any annoying user.
  • Very easy to use and popular.
  • Supports the Arabic language.

Create a new account in WhatsApp and log in to WhatsApp

In order for a user to register for WhatsApp, they will first need to get the application for their mobile device, after which they will need to download and set up the program on their mobile device.

At long last, the user is able to start using WhatsApp. When the user downloads the program, they will be given the option to choose the version that is ideally suited for the device that they are now working with.

This choice will be shown to the user when the software is downloaded.

  1. Enter Your Country.
  2. Enter the phone number.
  3. Then press Register.
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