How to check RAM in Android

Android cellphones' RAM has increased from 1GB to 12GB, affecting performance. Android 10 optimizes RAM, and many inexpensive and mid-range Android handsets feature 4–6 GB. To add that our programs are becoming more resource-hungry, thus it's important to check memory utilization sometimes, especially when many heavy apps are active. Android 10 RAM usage check: how?

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How to check RAM usage in Android 10?

As with the older versions, the process of monitoring RAM consumption on an Android 10 device is almost the same, and you can follow the steps mentioned below:

1- Enable the Developer Options menu if you haven't already, so go to the About page in Android Settings, then tap build number 5 times, you may have to enter your PIN as well.

2- Next, go to Developer Options.

3- Click on the Memory option at the top.
4- Here you will be able to see the amount of RAM used, and you can view the usage stats for up to one day.
5- Now tap Memory used by apps if you want to know exactly which apps are consuming your RAM.

So this is how you check ram usage in Android 10 and some older Android versions too and for example the steps are the same in Android 9 and Android 8 one thing I noticed is that Android OS takes up a little less than 1GB and the apps The other system may use up to 500MB in total, therefore, the rest of the consumption appears to be taken up by the applications you install.

How much RAM does my phone have?

On the Memory Stats tab, you will be able to determine the total amount of memory that your phone has accessible for usage at any one time. As an example, the mobile device shown in the picture has a total of 4 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), however only 1.6 gigabytes of that capacity are now functional.

How to free up RAM on Android?

Now, if you don't have an Android smartphone that has a huge chip of RAM built into it, you may want to free up some memory on your device as well, and one way to do that is to close applications that consume a lot of RAM.

In conclusion, my friend, a fan of Arab Future, one efficient method to decrease the amount of RAM utilization on your phone is to delete or deactivate applications that you do not actively use on a regular basis.

This will ensure that the application does not attempt to cling to memory while it is operating in the background.

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