How to change application icons

Everyone wants a unique Android phone. You may weary of the same icon form every day, forcing you to hunt for applications that alter application icons on your smartphone. We wish to customize and personalize our new phone. Thus, in this brief explanation, we will discover all the ways to modify Android app icon shapes.

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Ways to change the appearance of application icons on Android

There are different ways you can change the app icons. Right from using third party software to create a custom code online, you can do it all. These methods work on every Android device, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, or any other brand.

Here are the different ways and how you can change app icons in Android.

1. Use the built-in feature

Most of the modern Android phones come with a built-in customization feature that allows you to give your phone a complete look.

The process of customizing your phone using the built-in feature is the same on practically all smartphones.

To change your app icons using the built-in feature, follow the given steps:

  • Press and hold on the home screen.
  • Some settings will now appear on your home screen.
  • Select "Icons/Change Style" or in English you will see something similar to the Icons/Change Style option.
  • You will now see all the themes pre-installed on your device.
  • You can select one of these topics.
  • If you don't like any of these themes, select the "Custom" option.
  • Here, you can set the icon size, shape, color and font size accordingly.

2. Use apps icon packs

Some smartphones do not support the built-in app customization feature. If your smartphone is also one of them, you can try using app icon packs. There are many app icon packs available for download.
Here, we will tell you how you can change app icons using Candycons- Icon Pack.

To customize your phone's home screen, follow the given steps:

  • Download Candycons - Icon Pack
  • Install the application on your phone
  • Start applying
  • Install any custom launcher from the given list
  • Select your operator
  • Download the app icon pack

3. Create Icons Online

If you find it difficult to match your app icons to your background, you can now create icons online. With the Crello app, you can create custom codes online. With this app, you can create icons, logos, graphs, and websites. Crello Icon Maker makes it easy to populate your social content network.
To create app-specific icons or icons using Crello, follow the given steps:

  • Open a web browser on your mobile phone
  • Open “Iconsflow” or type it in the search bar and go there.
  • Now, click on the Options tab from the top right corner and select Create.
  • Select your own icon design (you can select a perfect icon template from all available free icon templates)
  • Design your own layout (consider scaling)
  • Take care of the level of detail (text and background)
  • Balance all elements in your code accordingly (font, color, etc.)
  • A preview of your designed icon will appear.
  • Download and share it.
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