Checking Smart Gate Registration at Dubai Airport

When passing through passport control at Dubai International Airport (DXB), travelers can breeze through the process in a matter of seconds by utilizing the Smart Gates, provided they are registered to use this facility. To ensure eligibility

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Using Smart Gates at Dubai Airports: A Convenient Option for Travelers

, individuals can conveniently check if they can use the Smart Gates by utilizing the "Inquiry for Smart Gate Registration" service available on the official website of the General Directorate of Foreign Affairs-Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) at With over one in three travelers opting for Smart Gates, this service has become increasingly popular at Dubai airports.

Confirming Your Smart Gate Registration: How to Check

If you are an international passenger who has passed through the passport control checkpoint at Dubai Airports, it is likely that you are already registered for Smart Gates. However, to be certain, you should verify your eligibility through the GDRFA-Dubai. Here's how you can check:

1. Visit the website
2. Scroll down the homepage until you locate the "Inquiry for Smart Gate Registration" service, and click on the designated "Start Service" button.
3. Choose one of the options provided:
- File Number: Retrieve the file number from the visa sticker on your passport or the e-visa received as a visitor. Select the file type as "Resident" or "Permit," indicate the issuing Emirate, and enter the file number.
- UDB Number or Emirates Unified Number
- Emirates ID Number
- Passport Number: Enter your nationality and passport number.
4. Enter your date of birth.
5. Select your gender.
6. Complete the "I'm not a robot" captcha, and click "Submit."
7. GDRFA-Dubai will inform you if your record is registered for Smart Gates. If it is, you will receive a message stating, "Record is registered. You can use Smart Gates."

Upon entering your details, GDRFA-Dubai will provide confirmation regarding your Smart Gate registration.

Eligibility and Categories for Smart Gate Usage

According to the GDRFA, registered passengers with a height of 1.2 meters and above are allowed to utilize the Smart Gates. The following categories can make use of this service:
- UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens
- UAE residents
- Visa-on-arrival and Schengen Union guests
- Pre-issued visa holders

Using Smart Gates: A Seamless Process

Once you have confirmed your registration for Smart Gates, here's how you can effectively utilize this service:

1. Proceed to the Smart Gate section, which is a separate area within passport control, and stand on the designated "foot" sign.
2. Remove any facial coverings, such as masks, glasses, or hats, and ensure your boarding pass and passport are easily accessible if required.
3. Direct your gaze towards the green light located on top of the camera to authenticate your biometrics and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
4. Once your biometrics are successfully approved, the Smart Gates will open, signaling the completion of your passport control process.

In specific cases, UAE residents may be able to use Smart Gates without presenting their Emirates ID or passport. By simply looking at the camera and waiting a few seconds, the system will retrieve their full name and photograph, expediting the process further.

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