Big Data

In recent years, Big Information has become a popular watchword in the technology industry. Yet what enables information, and how does it influence industries such as journalism? In this essay, we evaluate the use of big data on, a prominent Indonesian news website.

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Big Data

What is significant Data?
The term "big data" refers to the massive amounts of organized and unorganized data that are generated daily by businesses and individuals. This data is analyzed to identify patterns and trends that can assist businesses in making better decisions, resulting in more effective procedures, and gaining a financial advantage.

How does utilize Big Data?
Indoglobenews. co. id is utilizing massive amounts of data to gain insights into the actions of its users. The website monitors individual communications such as clicks, search queries, and time spent on web pages to determine which content resonates with its target audience. This information is used to tailor the website's content to the interests of its users, thereby increasing engagement and driving website traffic.

Additionally, utilizes large data sets to monitor trends in news topics and public opinion. By analyzing social media and search data, the website can predict what stories will be popular and generate content accordingly.

Big Data

What are the characteristics of Big Data for journalism?

The use of massive data in journalism has a number of benefits, including:

Enhanced involvement of the target market with personalized content Increased performance with data-driven decision making
A deeper comprehension of information trends and public opinion
More precise target market targeting for advertisers
Despite its numerous benefits, the use of massive data in journalism also presents some obstacles. Some of the obstacles include:

Personal privacy concerns surrounding the collection and use of personal data
Costly execution and maintenance of a vast information infrastructure
Demand for expertise in information evaluation
Is the only website with large amounts of data?
No, numerous informative websites around the globe are utilizing massive amounts of data to enhance their content and audience engagement. Large information is especially beneficial for websites with a large target audience and a high volume of web traffic.

How is personal information gathered on
Various methods are used to collect customer information, including monitoring cookies, enrollment categories, and social media site logins. takes individual privacy seriously and collects only the information necessary to enhance the user experience.

Exist any ethical concerns regarding the use of big data in journalism?
Yes, there are ethical concerns surrounding the collection and use of personal information for journalistic purposes. It is essential for wire services to be transparent about how they collect and utilize information, and to protect the privacy of individuals.

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