Before we go movie story wikipedia

Before We Go follows a musician and a married lady who meet in New York City one night. Grand Central Station trumpeter Nick is unique. Nick assists Brooke in finding her wallet's thief. After Nick protects her from terrible men, Brooke accepts to his aid.

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Story of the movie Before We Go wikipedia

Most of what happens in "BEFORE WE GO" is two people talking to each other and using some bad language, so it feels like a small-scale story. The movie has a few funny parts, but it goes on and on.

By the end of the story, the marriage has fallen apart, and Brooke says she might leave her cheating husband. Before we leave, the couple asks a fortune reader for help. It doesn't have a lot of bad things in it, but it makes you want to sleep.

(RoRo, B, OO, LL, V, S, A, M) A strong love viewpoint with some light moral elements, but there is a long, confusing scene where the two leads go to a fortune teller and ask for predictions about their future; eight swear words (including one "and") and six swear words.

A woman onscreen and thugs offscreen punch a man in the face, and thugs hiding in the shadows of an alley break trash and bottles and look menacingly at a woman until the male lead runs to protect her. It doesn't show any graphic sex, but it is about a married woman whose husband tricks her into dating a single guy.

They kiss twice, but nothing else happens. No nudity characters who drink alcohol socially in two scenes, and the heroine says that her purse was stolen while she was a little tipsy; No smoking or drugs, and the woman tells a sad story about how she found out her husband was cheating on her and how she feels stuck in the marriage because she is afraid to leave and live alone. Stolen credit card.

Before we go movie description

Before We Go is the story of a musician, a married woman, and a cheating husband who meet by chance in New York City late at night. It follows their adventures and conversations while they wait for daylight and the return of normal transit.

Before We Go has a powerful romantic view of the world, but some of the lyrics are rude and there is a long scene where the couple asks a fortune teller for predictions and advice.

Nick (Chris Evans, who also directs) is a trumpeter who plays at Grand Central Station for a Change. Brooke (Alice Eve) is a woman who drops and breaks her phone as she walks by Nick on her way to the train to Boston, which she misses.

Brooke's bag was stolen, so she asks you to help her look for it in downtown New York.

At first, Brooke doesn't want Nick's help. But when some bad guys try to hurt her and Nick saves the day, she changes her mind. Over the next few hours, they talk about their lives with each other.

Nick says that he's sad and lonely. Brooke starts talking about her bad marriage, which she doesn't want to end because she's scared. Even though her husband cheated on her with someone he didn't know she knew, he will probably keep doing it.

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