Will Mbappe move to Real Madrid?

French sensation Kylian Mbappe has left the door open for a potential move to Real Madrid in the future, despite recently signing a fresh contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

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Will Mbappe move to Real Madrid?

The 23-year-old forward committed to a new three-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain, snubbing a lucrative offer from Real Madrid, a decision that left the Spanish club fuming.

Mbappe, however, emphasized that his dream of donning the Real Madrid jersey one day is far from extinguished, considering it a plausible scenario in his footballing journey.

Speaking to Golem Balag from BBC Sport, Mbappe stated, "We can never predict what the future holds, and I am not preoccupied with it right now. I am solely focused on the present, and currently, I have signed a three-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain."

When asked if his new contract meant the end of his aspirations to play for Real Madrid, Mbappe replied with conviction, "No, absolutely not."

La Liga, the governing body of Spanish football, expressed its opposition to the deal, labeling it a "scandal" that threatens the economic landscape of European football.

"This type of agreement poses a threat to the financial integrity of European football," read a statement from La Liga.

Mbappe revealed that he personally contacted Real Madrid President Florentino Perez to communicate his decision before extending his contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

"I made up my mind last week to stay," he affirmed.

Adding further, "First and foremost, I called the president of Real Madrid as I hold him and the club in high regard. I felt it was important to inform him personally that the deal wouldn't materialize."


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Despite the constant speculation surrounding his future, Mbappe made it clear that he remains fully focused on his performance on the field, a mindset that has contributed to his impressive tally of 28 goals in the French League this season.

"I pay no attention to rumors," Mbappe emphasized. "Throughout the season, my complete concentration has been on the field, as I strive to achieve personal and collective goals with the team."

The player stressed his current ambition to deliver exceptional performances for both his club and his national team.

He elaborated, saying, "My objective has always been to bring joy to the fans. When I was young and attended matches, I relished watching the players. Now, it's my turn to bring happiness to the fans and garner respect both on and off the pitch."

He added, "I aim to be a role model because I am well aware that numerous young people look up to me. I want to give them the best of myself so they can enjoy their time."

During the press conference following the contract signing, Mbappe revealed that his decision was primarily motivated by sentimental reasons and his belief that there are still more accomplishments to be achieved with his current club.

"Leaving France is not the right move," he explained. "There are emotional factors at play; it's a matter of loyalty."

He further expressed, "The project at the club has evolved, and that has fueled my desire to stay. I believe my journey here is far from over."

Mbappe joined Paris Saint-Germain from Monaco in 2017, securing four French League titles within five years.

The Qatar-backed club exerted considerable effort to retain Mbappe's services as his contract was set to expire next month.

During their Champions League clash against Real Madrid this season, Mbappe found the net in both the home and away legs. Unfortunately, Paris Saint-Germain fell short, exiting the competition with a 3-2 aggregate defeat.

As the top scorer in the domestic league, with 28 goals, Mbappe played an instrumental role in securing the league title for his team this season. Additionally, he provided

17 assists in the 35 matches he participated in.

While Paris Saint-Germain has claimed numerous domestic titles, the elusive Champions League trophy has yet to find its way to the club's trophy cabinet. Nevertheless, club president Nasser Khleifi remains optimistic that this feat can be accomplished as long as Mbappe remains a part of the team.

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