Who is Cody Jacobow Wikipedia

Who is Cody Jacobo Wikipedia, the football player who plays the player on the left wing in a variety of ways in which he combines speed and dribbling, so that Jacobo is a rare case of its kind, and in the coming lines of this next article we will mention to you who is Cody Jacobo Wikipedia, in addition to We will tell you who is Cody Jakobo, the biography, and we will also tell you how old the player is Kodi Jakobo, so follow with us the following, dear followers.

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Who is Cody Jacobow Wikipedia

He is a skilled soccer player of Dutch origin and nationality. Jakpo was born in the city of Eindhoven, which is located in the north of the Netherlands, and lived there for a period of time, from which he started playing soccer at the age of eight. Cody joined the youth teams, and he He was able to prove his worth to become one of the players in the international march teams in the first Netherlands squad in the European World Cup, to become the first Dutch player to appear in an international tournament.

Who is Cody Jackbo Biography

In the following, we will mention to you the most important and prominent information that is found in the biography of Cody Jakbo, which came as follows:

  • Full name: Cody Mathis Jakobo.
  • Nickname: Cody Jacobo.
  • Date of birth: He was born on the seventh of May 1999 AD.
  • Birthplace: Born in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • Residence: He lives in the Dutch province of Stratum.
  • Origin: Ghanaian.
  • Nationality: Dutch.
  • Profession: Football player.
  • Height: 1.93 metres.
  • Playing position: Midfielder.
  • Current club: PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands national team.
  • Shirt number: 11.
  • Years of activity: He started his football activity in 2007 AD until now.

How old is Cody Jacobo?

The player Cody Jakobo is about twenty-three years old, as he was born on the seventh day of May in the year 1999 AD, and as for his start in football, it was at the age of eight, when he joined the “PSV” youth academy. About the start of his professional career, it was before he reached the age of eighteen, when he played international football in the Netherlands national team under the age of 18, 20 and 21.

Here we have come to the conclusion of the lines of this article, through which we have mentioned to you who is Cody Jacobo and Wikipedia, in addition to that we have mentioned to you who is Cody Jacobo the biography, and we have also mentioned to you how old the player is Cody Jacobo.

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