Who is coach Stanislav Cherchesov Wikipedia

Who is the coach Stanislav Cherchesov Wikipedia, who is one of the most famous and prominent figures in the world of round ball, has achieved many successes in his field of work as a coach, and it is worth mentioning that he is a retired football player, and after his retirement he worked as a coach

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Who is coach Stanislav Cherchesov Wikipedia

The coach Stanislav Cherchesov (in Russian: Станислав Саламович Черчесов) is one of the most famous and prominent figures in the world of football.

He was born on September 2nd, 1963 AD, which would make him around 60 years old at this point in time. He was born in the year 1963 AD.

During his playing career, he was a part of the country's national football squad. He has now retired from his position as a football player.

He was born in Russia, and while there, he was selected to play for his country's national team in a World Cup match.

Football career Stanislav Cherchesov

Stanislav Cherchesov, who played for Russia and is now retired from playing professional soccer, was a goalie for the Russian national team in the past.

He was a member of the Russian national team and competed with them in a number of matches during the course of his career. He was a player for Dynamo Dresden as well as Spartak Moscow and Lokomotiv Moscow in Moscow.

He also played for Spartak Moscow. In addition to that, he played football for both the Soviet Union national team and the Spartak Vladikavkaz football club during his time in the Soviet Union.

In addition to that, he was a participant on the football team that was selected to compete at the national level for the CIS.

In addition, he spent his whole career playing for the Tyrol Innsbruck football team.

Football posts for coach Stanislav Cherchesov

Stanislav Cherchesov, a former football player who is now retired, took part in a significant number of games throughout the course of his career. These games were played with a variety of different clubs as well as with the national team of his country.

The following competitions stand out as some of the most important ones in which he participated:

  • World Cup 2002
  • World Cup 1994
  • European Championship 1992
  • European Championship 1996

Stanislav Cherchesov Awards

A vast number of honors were bestowed upon Stanislav Cherchesov throughout the period that he spent coaching and playing football in Russia. For your convenience, a list of these honours has been assembled and is available for your review below:

  • Honored Mr. Sport of Russia
  • Order of Alexander Nevsky
  • Honored coach of Russia
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