Indonesia vs Argentina Match date and carrier channels

On this day, Monday, June 19, 2023, the national team of Argentina will compete in a friendly match against the national team of Indonesia, which will take place in Indonesia's home stadium.

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As part of the meetings that will take place between the two teams following the conclusion of the 2022–2023 club season, the friendly encounter between the two teams will take place at the "Gilora Bung Karno" stadium.

Lionel Messi and the rest of the Argentine national team helped the tango dancers to victory in a friendly match against Australia that was played on Thursday in China. The tango dancers won the match with two goals that were not answered by Australia.

Indonesia vs Argentina

The date of the match between Argentina and Indonesia

The eyes of many fans and fans of Arab and international football are directed towards the "Gilora Bang Tomo" stadium, to watch and follow the events of the match that will bring together Argentina against Indonesia on Monday evening.

The referee blows the whistle at the start of the Argentina match against Indonesia, this evening, at exactly three o’clock Cairo and Saudi Arabia time, four o’clock in Abu Dhabi time, and the Emirates at eleven o’clock Tunisia and Algeria time.

Channels broadcasting the Argentina vs Indonesia match

You can listen in to the Saudi Sports Channel Group, which is the exclusive and exclusive broadcaster of the contest in the Middle East and North Africa. The Saudi Sports Channel Group broadcasts the events of the encounter between Argentina and Indonesia, and the following frequencies can be used to tune in to their broadcasts:

SSC Saudi Sports Channel

• Satellite: Nilesat.
• The frequency of the channel is 12523.
• Polarization: horizontal.
The rate of encoding is 27500.
Error correction coefficient: 3/4.

The following is the frequency that can be received by the Arabsat satellite for the Saudi sports channel known as ssc sports:

• Satellite: Arabsat.
• Channel frequency: 11747.
• Polarization: Vertical.
The rate of encoding is 27500.
The coefficient of error correction is 5/6.

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