How to Know How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer

You might be curious about the proper protocol for making recommendations and choosing a groomer if this would be your dog's first time getting professionally groomed. That is an excellent question, especially considering that a "grooming session" might entail anything from a quick trim to a three-hour marathon during which the groomer takes care of everything your dog will require for the foreseeable future. In this post, we will cover all you need to know about how much to tip, why it is appropriate to tip, and the circumstances in which it is appropriate to tip more or less than you normally would.

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Should I tip my dog groomer?

A gratuity is not required, although it is customarily expected in most situations.
After grooming your pet, it is proper etiquette to leave a gratuity for the dog groomer because they perform a service that is labor-intensive. On the other hand, this is completely voluntary. If you decide not to tip your groomer, you won't be alone in this decision as a lot of people don't tip their groomers.

  • employees that don't make much on their hourly rate and must rely on tips to get by (like waiters and bellboys) as well as service employees who conduct labor that you can't do yourself (like hairdressers and bartenders) are typically the recipients of gratuities from customers. Because dog groomers fulfill both of these standards, it is appropriate for you to tip them.
Much to Tip a Dog Groomer
Much to Tip a Dog GroomerCaption

How much should I tip a dog groomer?

15-20% is considered a standard tip for a dog groomer.

The cost of grooming a dog often ranges between $60 and $80. That breaks down to between $12 and $16 every session at a rate of 15-20% on average. It's fine if you want to tip a little more or a little less, but try to round up to at least 15 percent if you can.

  • You can use a standard tip calculator to determine the tip amount based on your total bill.

Is $20 a good tip for a dog groomer?

Definitely; if you aren’t doing a percentage, a $20 bill is fine.

Unless you paid for the ultra-super high-end grooming service over 2 hours, it's perfectly acceptable to hand over $20 and call a day. A cash tip is generally more appreciated than a credit tip, so a single $20 bill is probably a good fit.

  • You can give the groomer $10-15 if the session was quick and it wasn't particularly expensive if you want to stick to the 15-20% guideline.
  • If the session lasted longer than two hours and cost more than $100–150, you should make an effort to adhere to the guideline of 15-20%.

Should I give my groomer a holiday tip?

If you work with one groomer, give them double the tip.

You don't need to worry about leaving a vacation tip for your dog's groomer if you take him or her to a new salon each time. You should, on the other hand, think about double your typical tip if you have a groomer that you particularly like and work with them throughout the year.

When to Tip Extra

The groomer went above and beyond.

If you paid for a regular cut, but the groomer observed that you had plaque on your teeth and offered to brush it off for free, they should be tipped more than the standard amount. Even if the owner hasn't paid for the service in advance, groomers will frequently go to considerable lengths to ensure that a dog receives what it need. If you feel that the groomer has done an excellent job of taking care of your four-legged companion, you should consider tipping them 5–10% more than usual.

  • Make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money by finding out in advance what is included in your grooming appointment. By doing so, you will be able to determine whether or not the groomer has gone the extra mile.
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