How to Do Leg Lifts With an Exercise Ball

Leg lifts are a collective term for a variety of different workouts that entail lifting one's legs into the air. You may perform a number of leg lifts with the assistance of an exercise ball, which is also referred to as a Swiss ball. If you have access to one of these balls, read on. You can perform leg lifts over the ball to strengthen your legs or use the ball as an additional resistance element to stimulate muscle growth. If you do this, you can use the ball to help you expand your muscles. Leg lifts should always be performed on a surface that is comfortable, and before beginning any training routine, a medical professional should be consulted.

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Performing Standard Leg Lifts

1- Place the exercise ball between your calf muscles while you are lying on your back

In order to maintain control of your body, you should keep your arms extended to your sides and place your palms on the ground. Put the exercise ball between your legs so that it is positioned on the floor in the space between your thighs and calves.

  • If you do not have a floor that is suitable for exercising on, you should use a yoga or exercise mat to support your body.
  • Wearing shoes will help the ball maintain its stability while you do this.
How to Do Leg Lifts With an Exercise Ball
How to Do Leg Lifts With an Exercise Ball

2- Raise your feet up on some cushions and squeeze an exercise ball in between your calf muscles.

Lift both feet off the floor by contracting the muscles in your core and inner thighs, and then position each foot on the opposing side of the ball. Put some pressure on the exercise ball by squeezing it between your thighs. Maintain the straight position of your legs while you apply pressure. Continue to elevate the ball until it reaches a point that is above your hips.

  • Keep your arms flat on the floor with palms down throughout the movement. If you have trouble keeping your back flat on the floor, you can put your arms under your buttocks to strengthen yourself.
  • Use your thigh muscles to keep your feet wrapped around the other side of the ball.
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