How much will Mbappe's salary be in Al Hilal Saudi Arabia?

How much will Mbappe’s salary be in Al Hilal Saudi Arabia, who was among the most famous members of the Royal Saudi Club within the framework of the series of new changes that Saudi sports began recently, as the major sports clubs attracted professionals to play in the coming seasons, including Ronaldo in the Al-Nasr team Saudi

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How much will Mbappe's salary be in Al Hilal Saudi Arabia?

Al Hilal Saudi Club is reportedly on the verge of making a historic and noteworthy offer, which would include the addition of the French star Kylian Mbappe, who now plays as a striker for Paris Saint-Germain, in the summer transfers.

The information was leaked to the press by reputable sources.

Mbappe was paid an annual salary of 700 million euros when he was playing for Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia.

If Mbappe accepts this offer, then he will become the player with the highest salary in the world.

This will happen if the offer is carried out, which it will do if he agrees to it.

The fact that Kylian Mbappe moved to Al Hilal Saudi Arabia 2023

It was stated in the most recent edition of the publication "AS" that the Paris Saint-Germain squad is in the midst of talking with the Saudi club Al-Hilal in order to come to an agreement on Mbappe's wage.

These negotiations are taking place in order to achieve an agreement. Mbappe's present contract with the club is slated to end in the summer of 2025; hence, conversations are being made over the last pay in order to prevent leaving him without recompense.

Because of this, the difference between the two scenarios will be close to two million euros each and every week.

Details of Mbappe's meeting with Al-Hilal Saudi Club in Paris

Fabrizio Romano, a well-known sports commentator, claims that the Al Hilal Saudi Club is now putting the final touches on the next season in exchange for an annual payment of two hundred million euros.

Romano said that the organization is getting ready for the forthcoming season at this time.

On the other hand, the offer includes the negotiation of advertising and commercial contracts on a large scale, in addition to the exploitation of image rights with Mbappe, and the value of these activities is projected to be 500 million euros.

Mbappe will also be a part of the exploitation of his image rights.

In a similar vein, the coach for the Paris club, Mbappe, has not been selected to be part of the roster for the group that will continue its summer matches for the current season in Japan and South Korea.

This is due to the fact that Mbappe is currently in negotiations over his future with the Al Hilal Club.

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