Dubai Electronic Sports Festival

Video games are a source of modern entertainment and learning for people of all ages, and many events and festivals are held that people from around the world are waiting for, including the Dubai Electronic Sports Festival, held by the Emirate of Dreams, which is ahead in the global technological race and has an incubating environment to welcome a group of exceptional events. This page discusses the Dubai Electronic Sports Festival's biggest activities, including its 2023 date, location, and other notable details.

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About the Dubai Electronic Sports Festival

The Dubai Electronic Sports Festival is launching in its second edition this year, and it brings together the best competitive video games, experienced players and a group of talents of the next generation.

This festival, which will be held on an annual basis, aims to make Dubai a leader in the video game sector, as an innovative city with a vision Futuristic, it is well poised to be a hub for esports and esports in the Middle East and North Africa, since hosting the first gaming competition in the region in 2018, and regularly invests in technology and infrastructure to stimulate a thriving community in this sector.

Dubai Electronic Sports Festival 2023

The Dubai Electronic Sports and Games Festival returns in 2023 with a bang to take the gaming sector to the next level, as it organizes several events and activities over five days, including GameExpo, the Minecraft Education Challenge tournament, and more.

Game Expo Corporate Summit

GameExpo Summit is an exclusive conference dedicated to companies in the electronic sports and games sector, and it will be held in June 2023, as this summit will witness the gathering of industry experts from all over the world to exchange ideas and visions that will determine the future of electronic sports and games in the Middle East and North Africa region, as Jim attracts Expo 2023 brings together leading agencies, teams, tournament organizers, platforms and publishers from around the world, showcasing the future of the esports and gaming industry in the region and beyond.

When: 21-22 June 2023

Jim Expo

Game Expo showcases an epic new world of entertainment, gaming, comics and pop culture in Dubai, hosting many influencers and artists, as tournaments, games and limited edition merchandise are announced.

When: 21-25 June 2023

Minecraft Education Challenge

Students will also participate in the Dubai Electronic Sports Festival, where they can join a wonderful educational program to explore the ability of electronic sports and games to raise awareness of future career paths for the next generation, as schools will be provided with professional talks from specialists in this field, in addition to visiting some influencers workshops educational work.

Primary and high school students have the opportunity to participate in the Minecraft Education Challenge to explore a map based in Dubai and challenge themselves in several regional esports competitions with the potential to win amazing prizes in the Grand Tournament.

All pre-registered schools and universities can participate in this challenge at Dubai Expo City.

When: 21-25 June 2023
*Note: Those wishing to participate must pre-register before May 25, 2023.

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