Al-Ittifaq announces the joining of Jordan Henderson

The Saudi Al-Ittifaq has made the announcement official, and it states that Jordan Henderson, the captain of Liverpool, will be participating in the tournament. The Saudi Al-Ittifaq is the organization that issued the declaration. Henderson is planning to take part in this tournament in some capacity.

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Al-Ittifaq announces the joining of Jordan Henderson

The Saudi club Al-Ittifaq officially announced its contract with the Englishman Jordan Henderson, captain of the Liverpool team, during the present summer transfer window.

The Saudi team Al-Ittifaq continues to strengthen its ranks in the current summer transfer season, before the start of the new season, with the aim of competing for the titles.
On a new official statement issued by the Saudi club Al-Ittifaq on its website, it confirmed his contract with the captain of the Liverpool team in a final sale agreement, to support his ranks in the new season.
Jordan Henderson left Liverpool after 12 years with the Reds, having joined the team from Sunderland.

Henderson appeared on Wednesday night at the Al-Ettifaq club's training session, in which the team participated under the direction of English coach Stephen Gerrard, the team's coach, although the agreement was not officially announced at the time.
Henderson is considered the 10th deal included in the deal during the current transfer season, after he signed 9 previous deals in addition to them, Frenchman Moussa Dembele and Scottish defender Jack Hendry.

Klopp sends a message to "Al-Ostora" about "the words of some people"

For his part, Klopp sent a message to the player with the longest time under his management, and told him in a video clip posted by the Liverpool account on Twitter: “We will miss you, you know… and you will miss us. I know, but it's life, and it's not an eternal farewell, but it's a good farewell, and we wish you success and you wish us the same”.

And the German coach went on to say: "We will follow you and you will follow us. I said at the beginning when I came here that in life we must complete each other, and we were together and we wrote stories together. When you look back, you will surely smile and I will feel the same."

And Klopp added: "Now you are the player with the longest time under my leadership, and I had many players who played with me for a long time, like Sebastian Kehl for seven years and Demo Fach for seven years and three months, but you played under my leadership for seven years, eight or nine months, and I won. "You are in this race too."

And Klopp added: "Well, I will miss you and I will miss our conversations, although they were not always easy conversations, but I wish success to you, Rebecca and the children, and I hope that your journey is successful, and if not one tells you, now I will tell you that you are a legend”.

And the German coach went on to say: "I know people say some things all the time lately, but I know it doesn't apply to you."

Klopp concluded by saying: "I hope we talk soon and that we meet soon, and I hope you find time to come back so we can say goodbye in the proper way as a team because this is what you deserve." thank you for everything, see you soon, and don't forget (you will never walk alone).”

Jordan Henderson's championships with Liverpool

The English star managed to win 8 titles with Liverpool during his time at the Reds, led by a title in the English Premier League, the same in the African Champions League, and another in the Club World Cup.

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