zom 100 ep 5 release date , where to watch

After reuniting with his longtime friend Kencho, Akira's exploits in a world overrun by zombies have progressed even farther in recent episodes. The two close friends are having the time of their lives despite the fact that the entire planet is in a state of emergency. It is anticipated that the upcoming episode would have even more exciting and action-packed escapades. However, similar to episode 4 of Zom 100, episode 5 is also on hiatus at this moment; however, the wait will be considerably longer this time around.

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zom 100 ep 5 release date

According to the series' official website, the forthcoming episode will be postponed so that it does not conflict with a special program that will be televised in Japan this coming weekend that is relevant to the series. Despite this, the new release date has already been set, and here is all you need to know about it.Following a brief delay, the fifth episode of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead will finally be broadcast in Japan on TBS, MBS, and many other regional networks on Sunday, August 13, at 2:00 am Pacific Time (PT). Regarding those who live outside of the United States, Crunchyroll is in possession of the streaming rights. The timetable for the various places across the world can be seen here.

2:00 AM, in the morning, Pacific Time
At three in the morning, Mountain Time
The time now is 4:00 AM, Central.
At 5:00 in the morning, Eastern Time
Currently, it is 10:00 AM British Time.
11 o'clock in the morning, European time
2:30 in the afternoon, Indian Time

At the beginning of the show, Akira was shown participating in a zombie video game while Kencho prepared some mouthwatering fare. Kencho made a few additions to his own list of things he wished to do after reviewing Akira's list. As a means of achieving one of the items on his own personal bucket list, Akira and Kencho set out on an excursion to complete their shopping mission. However, after merely avoiding a disaster, they discovered that they were encircled by a group of survivors who had taken refuge in an underground department store. This caused their intentions to take an abrupt turn in a different direction.

zom 100 ep 5

where to watch zom 100 ep 5

During the course of their conversation, they discovered that the only people who had survived were flight attendants. While they were talking with these survivors, Akira uncovered a possibility for him to find a girlfriend, which was another item on his list of things to do before he died. While Akira courageously embraced a one-of-a-kind challenge using Tequila in an effort to entertain and create an impact, Kencho demonstrated his remarkable athletic abilities.

While Akira found himself becoming attracted to Yukari, Kencho began a romantic engagement with a young woman named Maki. Unfortuitously, one of the female survivors was attacked by the male survivor who, unbeknownst to the others, had been bitten by a zombie and had subsequently transformed into a zombie. While Akira and Yukari were talking about some of their childhood ambitions, Yukari's life took a dismal turn when she was also attacked by the same man. This occurred while Akira and Yukari were talking about their childhood ambitions. Both Kencho and Akira made the decision to depart the location, and they packed up a large television before they left. During this difficult time, Akira added a new goal to his bucket list: to follow his heart and fulfill the dream he had as a youngster of becoming a superhero.

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