why is israel attacking palestine ?

Israeli forces have reportedly slain a minimum of nine Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

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why is israel attacking palestine

intensifying a major military campaign that is fueling concerns about the potential eruption of another catastrophic war. The aggressive assault on the Jenin refugee camp represents the largest-scale operation in the occupied territory since the Second Intifada of 2000-2005, which witnessed a mass uprising of Palestinians against Israel's protracted occupation. Tragically, this ongoing incursion has claimed the lives of at least eight individuals, including two young children. Furthermore, an additional Palestinian was fatally shot by Israeli soldiers near Ramallah.

The mayor of Jenin, Nidal Obeidi, decried the attack as nothing short of "a genuine massacre" and a deliberate attempt to eradicate all facets of life within the city and the camp itself. Obeidi asserted that the victims were not limited to resistance fighters alone, with innocent civilians falling prey to the violence. With water and electricity services deliberately cut off from the refugee camp, as announced by the municipality of Jenin, the situation grows increasingly dire. In response to the escalating combat, the Palestine Red Crescent has evacuated approximately 3,000 individuals from the area.

The Israeli military has employed a combination of ground and aerial forces, utilizing drones and launching rockets into the densely populated camp, while also targeting vital infrastructure through the destruction of homes and roads. Notably, Jenin has consistently been a hotbed of resistance against the Israeli occupation, resulting in a previous Israeli incursion just two weeks prior that claimed the lives of seven Palestinians. Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen stated that the operation does not intend to expand beyond the occupied West Bank, but clashes persist between Israeli troops and Palestinian fighters near the refugee camp, prompting the deployment of additional military reinforcements.

According to the Israeli military, Palestinian fighters have sought refuge in a mosque. As a result, the operation is expected to endure until suspects affiliated with armed groups are apprehended, a process that may necessitate an additional 24 hours to complete. The tragic casualties from Jenin include Nouruddin Husam Yousef Marshoud, 15, and Majdi Younis Saud Ararawi, 17, both identified by Defense for Children International–Palestine. The eldest victim among Monday's fatalities was Mohammed Muhannad al-Shami, aged 23.

Disturbingly, several journalists reported being deliberately targeted by Israeli live fire while covering the events in Jenin. Ahmed Shehadeh, a correspondent for Al Araby TV channel, recounted how his camera was destroyed by gunfire as he and four other journalists remained trapped inside one of the camp's homes for two hours before being rescued by the Red Crescent. Sadly, such incidents involving media members are not unprecedented in Jenin. Last year, Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, 51, lost her life when she was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers while reporting on a military raid in the camp, despite clearly identifying herself as press.

why is israel attacking palestine ?

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The attacks on Jenin by Israel are part of a larger endeavor to quash resistance in the area, as an increasing number of young Palestinians are resorting to armed struggle. Analysts suggest that Israel's hard-right government will persist in its heavy-handed approach toward Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. Palestinian lawyer and analyst Diana Buttu affirmed that Israel is determined to dismantle Jenin and any form of resistance, offering Palestinians three options: leave, remain as non-citizen residents, or face the consequences of resistance, which, in Israel's view, means being crushed by military force. This is the uncompromising stance they are currently enforcing.

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