Why do men love long hair

Why do men love long hair, women spend a great deal of money, time and attention on their hair, because it is the secret of their attractiveness and the woman’s crown, vitality and beauty are also reflected in her psyche, and in the coming lines of this next article through our site El Geneina we will mention to you Why do men love long hair, in addition to that we will tell you that long hair hides imperfections, and we will also discuss the benefits of having long hair.

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Why do men love long hair

However, it also serves the purpose of making women more appealing to men, much in the same way as beauty and fashion magazines do, and this effort is spent several times in order for women to enjoy a higher sensation of self-assurance.

Beauty and fashion magazines also serve this purpose.

These publications provide women a significant number of instructions and pieces of advise on the technique, as well as ways to make their hair more attractive to men, since the majority of men prefer to be with women who have long hair.

The reason for this is because research has shown that males find women with longer hair to be more appealing.

Long hair hides imperfections

There are a lot of males with long hair who are under the impression that long hair plays a significant part in hiding a woman's less appealing traits.

For instance, having long hair minimizes the region around the cheeks, which in turn makes the eyes seem smaller. In addition to this, having long hair covers the jaw line a little bit, and it also brings back a woman's beauty and femininity.

Benefits of having long hair

In the following, we will mention to you the most important and prominent benefits of having long hair:

  • Most men love long hair, so they consider it their weakness, which has more femininity and elegance than women with short hair.
  • A woman who has long hair can do many wonderful and distinctive hairstyles, as there are many hairstyles available to her, in contrast to short hair, which obliges women to make certain hairstyles.
  • Long hair protects women from cold weather, and makes them warmer in the back, shoulders and neck.
  • Long hair suits all facial features, in addition to that women with long hair are able to keep up with fashion and change hairstyles and hair styles to look more modern.
  • The lady who has long hair is one of the most important and prominent women who take care of themselves.
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